What is Soul Seed Academy?

We’re Soul Seed Academy
We guide courageous and passionate women to confidently build a
balanced, profitable and meaningful business.


Soul Seed Academy

is a business accelerator. The founders of Soul Seed Academy are innovative entrepreneurial women themselves. They know what it takes to be successful in business while living life to the fullest. Their greatest fulfillment is passing on the knowledge, tools, and experience they have gained through their careers. Their goal is to help women stand in their strength in all aspects of life and change the world.

Soul Seed Academy is so much more than a branding agency, business coaching, business networking community, etc..

We provide everything you need to build and grow confidently.

Soul Seed Academy

It’s in our name.  Soul Seed Academy. 🙂 Take a seed for example.  We nurture you and your business in the same way that a greenhouse cultivates beautiful and healthy plants.

A seed planted along the freeway is going to struggle to thrive.  That same seed planted in a greenhouse, with the right amount of light, water and fertile soil, will shoot up strong and healthy and be ready to be transplanted and be productive very quickly!  The strength it gains from the nurturing it receives in the nursery sets it up for success in the future.

The nourishing water is the community that we surround ourselves with.  These are the women and men who are determined to make the world a better place and to help each other. 

The fertile soul is the business services that we provide for our participants.  You don’t have to spin your wheels learning technology like website coding, video editing or graphic design.  We help you build up your technology foundation exactly how your business needs it

The bright sun is the mentors, education, and direction that are all an integral part of the proven step-by-step program we have to guide each member.

We keep you in control 100%.

So many times we see business coaches, incubators or other business services try to do the work FOR their clients and almost entirely without the client’s input– either by actually doing the work or by telling the person they should do it this or that way.

We focus on keeping YOU in your strengths at all times.  We show you how to keep the vision, the strategy, and the business integrity just the way you want it.

Here's another metaphor we like to use.

Imagine yourself as the captain of your very own row boat. 

In your row boat, you work super hard.  Every little inch forward is won by your hard work rowing.  It’s exhausting. But you love your row boat.

When you are ready to upgrade to a bigger boat (with some sails), you’ll probably get your first assistant or “first mate.”  You’re still in control but now you have some more help.  You get to travel farther, get advice and help from your first mate, and the boat has a bed.  You no longer have to sleep sitting up while rowing (this kind of how it feels to be a new entrepreneur, amirite?)

Continue on to a yacht where now you have a first mate, maybe a cook, a cabin boy, and an engineer.

Are you actually working harder as the captain of a yacht than you were as the captain of your row boat?  Probably not.  If things are going smoothly, you have more time to strategize your route, create direction for a more gourmet menu in the kitchen, and maybe re-decorate your state room (see now you have even more than a bed).  All while the members of your crew are happily doing their jobs.

How about when you move up to being the captain of a cruise ship?  How busy is a cruise ship captain?  A cruise ship can be thousands of times bigger than a row boat.  Are those captains thousands of times busier and working thousands of times harder?  Nope.  They get to go chat with the guests.  They wear nice clothes… they’re not slugging it out in the engine room.  However they are aware of what’s going on down there.  And they know what’s going on in the kitchen/galley.  They are driving the direction of the ship and yet they are not doing everything on the ship.

Now take the metaphor a little further– what would happen if when you moved to a sail boat you hired someone who thought they were smarter and more clever than you as your new first mate?  What if you developed a co-dependent relationship with them.  What if they started sabotaging, controlling, and just overall being a stinker pants.  What if you took that person to your yacht?  What if they fought with the new cook you just hired for your new galley.  Chaos and misery would ensue.  You would feel trapped, frustrated, and maybe hopeless.

It’s really important to see yourself as a healthy and competent captain no matter the size of your vessel.  Just as it’s important that you always maintain the directive control over your business.   You can’t out-source the captain role.  You just need to find incredible first mates.

We love this metaphor because it points out 2 very important beliefs we have about your capabilities as a business owner.

  1. Growing does not mean you have to work harder and longer and wear yourself thin.
  2. You must stay in the captain role the entire time (and you are entirely capable!), but being the captain doesn’t mean you do everything.

At Soul Seed Academy, we insist that you stay as the captain.  We insist on supporting you as the best first mate you could have ever asked for.  You always stay in complete control.  This is your business, your dream, and you can do this!

It's not harder to be the captain of a row boat than it is to be the captain of a cruise ship.

Growth doesn't have to mean stress, more work, more burn out.

Come find out how to be the best possible captain of your business.

10+ Experts with 100+ years of business experience

Our incredible team of experts guides our academy participants every step of the way!

100+ Incredible women in our community

You're not alone!

$1,000,000+ income in 2021 for our Academy Members!

Come build your balanced and sustainable business!