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Welcome to Soul Seed Academy!

If you haven't been here before we would love to introduce ourselves. We are a full-service business incubator and accelerator. We help passionate women build purpose-driven businesses that bring change. We are a community of women entrepreneurs with years of experience and multiple successful business ventures. We have built an incredible network of business experts in every area of business included lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, business strategists, and so much more to help support the women we work with and remove the overwhelm.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that women can and should build businesses. We believe in changing the way business is talked about and run to better fit the natural strengths and needs of women. This means building systems that are family-friendly, sustainable, and sovereign. Female entrepreneurs should be supported, loved, and heard. We want to see passionate women build businesses they believe in and build them well. That is how you change the world. Even if you have had your business for years, or you just now thought about it, we want to launch your dream and make it a reality. We want to help you establish strong foundations based on the pains you are working to heal.

Soul Seed Academy is so much more than a branding agency, business coaching,
business networking community, etc..

We Provide Everything You Need
To Build And Grow Confidently.

Soul Seed Academy

It’s in our name. Soul Seed Academy. 🙂 Take a seed for example. We nurture you and your business in the same way that a greenhouse cultivates beautiful and healthy plants.

A seed planted along the freeway is going to struggle to thrive. That same seed planted in a greenhouse, with the right amount of light, water and fertile soil, will shoot up strong and healthy and be ready to be transplanted and be productive very quickly! The strength it gains from the nurturing it receives in the nursery sets it up for success in the future.

The nourishing water is the community that we surround ourselves with. These are the women and men who are determined to make the world a better place and to help each other.

The fertile soul is the business services that we provide for our participants. You don’t have to spin your wheels learning technology like website coding, video editing or graphic design. We help you build up your technology foundation exactly how your business needs it.

The bright sun is the mentors, education, and direction that are all an integral part of the proven step-by-step program we have to guide each member.

Why We Are Different

We keep You In
Control 100%.

So many times we see business coaches, incubators or other business services try to do the work FOR their clients and almost entirely without the client’s input– either by actually doing the work or by telling the person they should do it this or that way.

We focus on keeping YOU in your strengths at all times. We show you how to keep the vision, the strategy, and the business integrity just the way you want it.

We remove the overwhelm and build the tech FOR YOU!

Our creator team is ready to support you with whatever you need to build your business.  They’ll help you with your website, video, branding, social media and more! And ALL these services are included in your tuition!

We are focused on ACTION!

It’s easy to search to learn anything you want on Google or YouTube.  It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking you’re not good enough to do this business.

During our programs, we focus on moving you through those blocks to accomplish ACTUAL stuff in your business!  We don’t just talk about it.  We DO IT WITH YOU!

We have you surrounded!

From the moment you step into one of our programs, you belong to our community.  We never forget your name!  You’re welcomed into both online and offline events for growth, connection and support!

You are never alone in this!

We offer a step by step done-with-you program.

Check out our Academy Program Details page to learn more about what’s included and the different investment options.

100+ Incredible women in our community

You're not alone!

$1,000,000+ income in 2021 for our Academy Members!

Come build your balanced and sustainable business!

Soul Seed Academy is a thriving business community!

20+ Experts with 300+ years of business experience

Our incredible team of experts guides our academy participants every step of the way!

50+ Events and opportunities

Networking, workshopping, building, and more!

200+ Incredible women in our community

You're not alone!

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