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What is relationship marketing?



Brené Brown once said “courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” It’s your responsibility to get your business seen by your audience. But when our audience sees us.

Free is free to you and free to your customer. This is posting on social media, commenting on other’s social media posts, posting in Facebook groups, adding free value to conversations, owning a website, posters in the grocery stores, flyers handed out at a school event etc.  This is you showing up to the party and looking around at all  of the cute boys. 

Nurture is the first conversation and it is still free to your customer. It’s inviting them to your events, it’s inviting them to meet with you over Zoom so you can teach or share something with them that could help their pain. It’s asking them to participate only slightly in what you are doing. Lead magnets are part of the nurture sequence. They  give your customers a taste of what it would be like to work with you. 

Low Cost is next and it is important! You aren’t going to be feeding your family with this step but don’t forget it especially if you are a luxury product or service and are on the expensive side. If you can get your customer to commit to pay to take you to the sock hop you know that they are invested in determining if this is right for them. They are willing to put more then time into this. 

Your core product is the item you feed your family with so make sure that is packed to the brim with value. This is the DTR (determine the relationship). If they aren’t ready to commit, that’s ok they get sent right back to the nurture step and they either stay and ruminate or they ghost you. 

Lastly is the Premium Product. The reason we always have a premium product is for the same reason we have marriage. Dating is fun but if you know that there is the possibility of continued growth, the initial investment is even more worth it. Premium products add massive value to your core product through that psychology. Just trust me and you’ll be surprised.

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