Soul Seed Academy

At Soul Seed Academy,

We are focused on ACTION!

Get things Done!

You've heard the saying:

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.

If you teach him to fish, you'll feed him for a lifetime.

We like to add one more line:

If you teach a woman to fish, you'll feed her village for generations to come.

At Soul Seed Academy,

We model, teach and guide you through the entire process of building or
scaling your business.

What We Do

We help women build a sustainable business.

We don't just teach, We DO IT WITH YOU!

You can search YouTube to learn how to do pretty much everything. But YouTube doesn’t walk with you side by side every step of the way. We’re here to help with everything from mindset blocks to getting technology to work magic for you.

We have amazing in-person and online courses in everything you need to build and scale your business.

We take the fluff out of business.

We get right down to business and to the depths of what’s possible.



We don’t just talk at you and send you home with lots of homework. We do the work WITH YOU.



We can provide everything from graphic design and web design to accounting and legal services. And we teach you how to hire these services out in the future so that you stay in complete control of the direction of your business.



We surround you with a fun community that gets and supports you! You’re never ever going to be alone in business!

Why do we do it?

We believe that every female entrepreneur has the power to change the world. Especially the worlds of her family members and clients. Together we build a community that….
We delight in seeing our women succeed in what they do. From finding their ideal branding to creating the financial freedom that allows them to live their dreams.


I want to take my in-person classes online. Teaching in person really limits my reach and my time-- I'm burnt out but I know I'm leaving a lot of opportunity untouched.

Agreed! You area missing out on some fantastic opportunities to help MORE of your ideal clients. First we’d help you develop a way to test to see if an online course would work for your customers (if you haven’t already had traction there). Then we’ll help you develop a launch strategy for your new course. We can help you with filming, editing and the course portal for your new class! We’ll help you design a social media strategy to launch the course. We can even help you with all the little techy stuff like how to automate payment and email nurtures.

If you’ve proven that your in-person experience works and you want more, then you definitely should be looking for opportunities to grow your impact. This is all done YOUR way.


I want to create a girl's night out experience where we also learn about how to protect our families through insurance-- So kind of like people used to do Tupperware parties-- an excuse to have some fun but also get needed stuff for their families!

Great idea! So first we’d help you define what your “hypothesis” really means. In this case, you think women know they need insurance but find it boring but will appreciate learning about it with friends and with great food and maybe wine. Fantastic! Let’s design your first test event! Use our event space and let’s do it! We’ll help you create your event logistics, your inviting material (email, text, social media), connect you with other value-rich service providers (can you get the snacks sponsored?) and help you make this event happen! After, we’ll help you evaluate how it went and what to do going forward.

There is no limit! You prove this works, and yes, we can help you duplicate and scale this! You can franchise, consult or sell this business model to someone else! Whatever you want, let’s build it sustainably!

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