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The Most Important Elements to Have On Your Website



Your website is the most important asset to have as a business owner. You need to have complete control over what content is on your website and how it’s designed. When building your new website there are a few key elements you need to have. We’ve built a list of the website essentials to easily attract your ideal clients, build that trust, and  have them commit to working with you and your team. At the end, let us know which one’s you are still missing and we’ll help you get them added. Reach out to our team! 

1. Your logo
This might be an obvious choice but with your logo we really need to emphasize the importance of branding.  Your colors, fonts, imagery, logo, all need to be cohesive and reflective of the emotional appeal your company has. Humans justify their buying decisions completely irrationally. Setting up an emotional appeal is what will distinguish your website from your competitors.

2. Call to action buttons.

You are going to have customers come to your page who are ready now to make a payment and a commitment. Give them what they want. Make it so easy for them to purchase from you. Don’t overcomplicate the buying process for those who are ready. Make sure this action button is located at the top of your website and sprinkled through out the rest of the website. 

3. Clear Description of what you offer
If I spend 10 seconds on your website, I should be able to have a clear understanding of what your product is and what I can buy from you. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of what people might think if you are clear and honest with what you are offering.  Again, tie in that emotional appeal but don’t distract from what you are actually selling. If you are a massage therapist, your client needs to be able to easily find what types of massage you offer, how long a session is and what your hours are.

4. Testimonials, Reviews, or Case Studies
Let your past clients do the work of closing for you. Let their praise highlight the more intangible appeal your company has to offer. Encourage your past clients to help you understand what about your business solved their pain or supported their goals. 

5. Clear steps
This relates to your product description. How do your clients buy your product? Do you have multiple products they can try? If you have courses, events, or a programs of some sort, what are the steps they will take during those activities? There will be potential clients who are intently interested in understanding every aspect of the product or service before they buy. Again give them what they want. They are the type of people who want all of the details. They want to understand the schedule, the dates, the times, the locations, etc. 

6. Acknowledgement of Friction Points
When you acknowledge that your audience has apprehensions and you clearly define their fears, they are going to be surprised and excited that you clearly understand them. They are going to feel as if you are in their head but you are also aware of their needs. Take time to remind your audience that they aren’t crazy for having doubts. However, if you’re going to talk about friction points you also need to provide a way for them to overcome each one. Show them how each apprehension they have is actually an opportunity for growth or provide for them “special offerings” to remind them that they are worth it and deserve to purchase a product that will solve their pain. 

It’s not impossible to create a website that appeals to your ideal client. Your website, when it has all the elements, will do the majority of your selling on it’s own. Setting up a successful website, opens your time to growth. It alleviates the stress of cold contacting for new customers. If you are not getting the amount of traffic you want on your website, reach out to our team! We’ve been building websites since 1998 and we know what it takes to get your business moving forward. Set up a time to chat with us this week! Click here to book a call. 

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