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The Bonds Beyond Banking: A Guide to Fostering Relationships That Yield Results



Are your ideas starting to feel like they’re in an echo-chamber? When you sit down to map out your success, does it always begin and end with you? When it’s time to get to work, do you start by shutting your office door and tuning out the world around you?

Often, we can become what tanks our success. You started your business because you wanted to be in charge of the narrative. The impersonal nature of big corporations frustrated you, and you found that employing yourself in the business of passion was the right step for you. You’ve learned to rely on yourself, but there’s a benefit the people around you can offer.  

When we refocus our energy on cultivating relationships and giving unabashedly to the people around us, we make room for growth. Let’s start by redefining this word: bond.  

In business, a bond is typically characterized by the following: 

  1. The Interest: The terms of the loan, including how often interest will be paid.
  1. The Face Value: The amount your bond will be worth when it matures.
  1. The Maturity Date: The date when the principal must be repaid. 

When building a bond amongst like-minded thinkers, we can strengthen our relationships by reframing these definitions. 

First, the interest…

Create a space primed for conversation, then lay out your terms. 

Offer potential customers the chance to meet the human behind the brand. Utilize your humanity to build a community of whole-hearted individuals dedicated to seeing you flourish. Once they are invested in you, they will easily become invested in your business.  

Create a service swap with other small business owners. If you’re in the business of making pies, try nourishing a relationship with the local ceramic artist! Your willingness to give will offer you room to receive. 

Next, the face value…

Get excited about potential. 

When we were younger, building companionship was easy. If you wore the same colors or had the same name, boom, you’ve got yourself a new best friend. 

Nowadays, it takes a little more grit. 

Commitment is the thing that will ensure your newfound bond will be worth more when it matures. Commit to a monthly meeting or a one-word check in with your community to discover how sharing your time with others can benefit your business in the long run. 

Finally, the maturity date…

Make a deadline. 

The best bonds are fortified by trust. 

Make it easy for your customers and fellow business owners to believe in you by making good on your investments. 

Set up a time to pamper your community. By leaving coupons at the doors of neighbors or simply leaving a coupon at the door of a struggling neighbor, you can set yourself up for long-term success and build the connections you need to put your business on the right track. 


Are you feeling ready to raise your value? Check out our Idea Seeds section for three inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by Adam Grant and visit our website to start building your community. 

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