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The Best Books for Female Entrepreneurs



So you’re thinking about building a business? What a great idea! You’re gonna be great at that! Oh you’re not exactly sure where to start? No problem! We got your back! Women build businesses differently. We build in a way that creates harmony and growth for everyone involved. We build to serve and to heal. What this means is that it’s not always in our best interest to build businesses that don’t protect our sanity and our peace. So where can we learn more about how to build a business that protect what’s most important to us?

This is the best list of books to read if you are or thinking about being a female entrepreneur. The best books to read if you are looking to build a business that is sustainable, successful, and a business that works with your family and other responsibilities. These books not only will give you the confidence to move forward and move past your mental, physical and emotional business blocks, but they will also help you build the best team and increase the reach of your business. 

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell 

What we love most about this book is the emphasis on small actions with the right people making significant impacts. There are 3 types of highly infectious individuals that make things happen. They are the Mavens (Knowledge wielders), the Connectors, and the Salesmen (Storytellers). While reading this book, identify what part you play in your own business story and then build a team that can supply the rest. That is how you move your business forward. 

Quiet by Susan Cain 

The biggest take away we had while reading this book is that the world sorely misunderstands the meaning of introvert and extrovert. Just because you are energetic does not mean that you are an extrovert. It’s more about what you do to face the world. You brain can handle heavy duty stimulus but that is not necessarily who you are. The world has programed us to believe certain things about introverts and extroverts. Understanding the difference can help us use those powers instead of shy away from them.

The Hero and the Outlaw By Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson

The best branding guide we have ever come across! The Hero and the Outlaw discusses the 12 business Archetypes . It discusses how to find your brand soul and develop a strategy for effective marketing that goes beyond interest and into complex natural human feelings and instincts. Understand the character your brand plays in the lives of your customers. 

Give and Take by Adam Grant 

Adam Grant explains that there are 3 different ways people trade value– there are givers, takers and matchers.  If you’ve ever felt depleted after working with someone, or felt like your contributions were not being recognized, or wanted to really do more to heal the world, this book will change your life! You’ll also learn more about who you should hire and who you absolutely should not let near your team. 

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez

It is hard to live in the patriarchy! The world of women is define by the natural needs and functioning of the male brain. Our world tends to not work with our natural tendencies and desires. If you are ready to stop feeling crazy, this is an incredible read to help give you clarity on your world and the inherent discrimination

atomic habits by james clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Can an accumulation of tiny changes produce exponential results? In this book James Clear explores habits as the fundamental unit of behavior and some principles of behavior modification. He shows how tiny changes can produce magnificent results. Knowing who you are or desire to be and changing your habits accordingly can change your life. Continual progression along a trajectory is more meaningful than singular goal accomplishment. 

Wherever you are in your business, YOU GOT THIS! You have the skills need and the knowledge to move this forward and anything you don’t have, you can read, learn, implement, and hire for. You don’t have to be alone in your business and you can build a business that meets your needs and let’s you focus on your family. 

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