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The Best 5 Things To Do Everyday to Grow Your Business 



Not everyday is perfect. Most days are filled with distractions and meetings. But every day there are 5 things I always spend at least a few minutes on. These items are the most important things to help my business continue to grow. Building a sustainable business takes consistant hard work and a positive attitude. Join me as I journey through a day in the life of a female entreprenuer. 

Emails, Texts and Phone Calls

I start the morning with emails, texts and missed calls. These items are first because they are direct communication with my customers and potential customers. I take care of these things  in the morning and then try to pay attention to them throughout the day. Part of this is also paying attention to social media comments or messages. I know that these things will often interrupt my day. That is why I never completely fill my schedule. There is always wiggle room. 

Building Products/Providing Services 

The most important thing I do during my day is work on client deliverables. It doesn’t matter what your business does, you have to spend time in your day building and providing those products and services that customers pay for. If my business was massage therapy, I would spend this time giving a massage or preparing for the next client. If I was a tutor, I would have time in my day for my tutoring sessions. If I sold products, I spend time in my day building those products. This one seems pretty obvious but because procrastination is a thing, I always remind myself that I have to schedule to spend time in my day working on my products and services. 


I then focus on leads. I make a goal every day to reach out to a specific number of people. I always try to push myself because I find that often I end up reaching out to more people than my goal. Once you get in the rhythm, it’s easier to forget your fear of rejection. Rejection becomes just a “Not now”, “Thanks for asking” , or “Maybe in the future” and I can handle all of those responses. A big part of this is my attitude. I try to remain focused on abundance. Another thing I do during this time is go to Facebook groups and comment and message people there. Reaching out to leads is all about creating relationships with them and providing valuable information. Answering their questions, helping them feel heard, and learning more about what they want. All of these things build trust and lead to sales. 

Indirect Communication – Newsletters, Social Media, etc. 

The next thing I work on is indirect communication with my customers. This often includes working on the newsletter or social media posts. Making sure any content that is out there for people to find, is branded to me and my mission. Recently, this time has been spent cleaning up websites and business cards. I don’t spend hours on this. Often it’s a solid 15 minutes and that is fine. Small tasks consistently accomplished, lead to massive results.  

Take Time to Learn 

Lastly, I always try to spend a few minutes in my day learning. Whether it’s going to a class, listening to a podcast, reading a book, or going to business retreats and events. Every day I do something that keeps me in the loop of the business world. Things are changing all the time. It is so important to take the time to stay educated and up to date on the technologies, systems, avenues, and people in your field. 

It can be hard during the day to remember what is most important. I hope that this list gives you a better idea of what items on your to-do list are going to make the most impact for your customers and your business. 

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