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Sprout and Seed Program

However many times bridging the gap between having a job to take care of basic needs and the jump of wild abandon to starting a new business is a chasm that is impossible to cross.


Due to life circumstances, some women need extra help, and a safe place to start. Our Seed-To-Sprout program provides that safe place. These women have a reason to need to start their life over for a variety of reasons. We bridge the gap that takes them through a basic job skills program to an entrepreneurial launch. These women have guts and grit and are ready to move on from their previous circumstances.


Our Seeds start out by working with us behind the scenes with Soul Seed Academy and other closely aligned and vetted businesses. This brings them a paycheck, and helps them start to put to practice new life and business skills. As they start to heal, build a new life, and work in a nurturing environment, they have opportunities to try out their business ideas.


When our Seeds have worked with us a while, they start to gain confidence. We nurture the ideas and the dreams that are born out of this confidence. We give them an opportunity to test out their ideas and connect them with resources to help them explore the possibilities.


If they wish to move on, we bring them into the Soul Seed Academy and help them grow their business. If they determine that they would rather get a different job, we connect them with the right resources and provide valuable letters of recommendation.

We do emphasize that the goal of the seedling program is to bridge the gap between a job and an entrepreneurial venture. We screen our seed applicants for their desire and potential to build a business.

Sponsor a Business Owner

How to Plant a Seed

Option 1: Sponsor a business owner.

Note: if it's a birth-related business owner, the Empowering Fearless Birth Foundation is a 501 (c ) 3 that can make your support tax-deductible.

Some women are in financial difficulty. Your contribution can be used to provide a grant, or act as a micro-loan.

Option 2: Mentor one of our seed or seedling trainees

There are a few ways this can work.

1) If you have a particular skill that one of our seeds wants/needs, you can mentor them as they build that skill.

2) Work with a woman to provide general encouragement, accountability, and support as they go through the ups and downs of working through their process.

We provide a safe, nurturing space for them to take those first steps out of the past and move to the future full of hope and possibilities and start to thrive.

Our seeds need to be surrounded by multifaceted support. We require all seeds to have an outside mentor/sponsor that works with us to support them.

Do you want to become a SEED?
Do you have a passion, a dream, and determined grit?

Reach out to us to talk about your goals!

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