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What is
Soul Seed Academy?

This is our favorite metaphor for explaining what Soul Seed Academy does.

When a tree casts 100 seeds in a forest, what percentage of those seeds actually sprout? How many make it past a deer nibbling for a treat? And how many grow to be as string and magnificent as their mother tree?

Very few. Every seed cast has great potential, but the reality of challenging the environment is the most seeds don’t make it.

What if you were to take those 100 seeds and plant them in a green house? Give them great soil, light and water? Because of their powerful potential, you’d probably get them all to sprout!

What happened if you then took them back to the forest and placed them in an optimal spot by their mother tree?  You tapped their roots into the complex but fertile soil of the forest floor and put a milk jug over them to protect them from hikers’ boots and hungry critters.  When the seedling got too tall for the jug, what if you created a protective deer mesh barrier?  What are the chances that you could get many of these sprouts to be 10 ft saplings?  You’d have a much higher number of them survive and thrive!

Soul Seed Academy does this for our entrepreneurs.

When a woman feels she wants to create a purpose-driven business, she is met with many obstacles.  Just like the seed with great potential, unless she is protected and guided as her idea seed sprouts, it’s difficult for her to get her roots firmly planted and to start growing. 

To continue the tree metaphor, most business services (like web design or marketing) don’t help “sapling” businesses till they are metaphorically 10 feet tall.   But the irony is that most of the struggle to build a business happens before you are “10 feet tall.”  The sprouting phase is extremely difficult.  There are emotions to ride, skills to learn and doubts to overcome.  And of course there is website building, networking, social media, marketing, product creation, inventory, etc.  It’s all very overwhelming. 

Soul Seed Academy is a full-service business incubator for purpose-driven businesses.  We help our clients take their business idea “seed” and sprout it into a powerful, purposeful and sustainable business that blesses and improves the lives of their families and customers.

These women create a beautiful forest network of women who support each other, their families and their communities.  We believe we can change the world by providing a safe yet powerful way for these idea seeds to grow to fruition where otherwise they would just be an unfulfilled dream. 

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