Soul Seed Academy

Seed to Sprout

Stacey Green’s passion for birth work bloomed after experiencing the complexities of motherhood firsthand with her first child.

Noina Vogel is a proud owner of Into the Fun, a full-service tour company based in Thailand.

Delanie Johnson is a photographer who loves to capture very special moments of couples revealing their love for each other through the photos.

Lana Horrocks is an experienced personal historian, family history expert, and presenter. She is also the founder of Call to Story, LLC.

Courtney’s  business Amavi Travel offers unique, immersive trips to this Central American gem. It provides an exceptional opportunity for travelers seeking an authentic experience beyond the tourist hotspots.

Shellie is a dynamic businesswoman who has cultivated her passion for lavender into a thriving enterprise. As the proud owner of a picturesque lavender farm, Shellie tends to the fields with unwavering dedication and a keen eye for quality.

Jocelyn is a professional photographer that helps you stand out, be seen and get noticed! She just don’t take magazine-worthy images, she also helps you feel confident in taking your photos!

Melissa built Sunflower life organizing which focuses on helping neurodivergent people organize spaces that support and feed their creativity, and let them arrange things according to what works for them. 

Laurel discovered this talent while supporting her husband through his insurance credentialing process as a therapist. She loves being able to support mental health services in this unique way.

Terri is a mindset and life coach. She support people as they navigate the complexity of life. With Soul Seed Academy she grew her confidence to just get started and find those she can heal and serve.

Melissa Price is the founder of  the card game – Emotion Commotion, which is an emotional intelligence disguised in a card game.

Erin is a doula with a background in social work. She works with couples who are pregnant and are looking to calm their overwhelm around birth and prepare for birth. She is passionate about helping people to trust themselves. 

McKenzie is passionate about helping others feel like they are not alone. They can have support and someone that cares and wants to hear their story, good, bad, horrible, or anywhere in-between. McKenzie helps families through Creative Ways to Grieve.

Natalie started a beautiful little store in Springville UT where you can bring all of your old crafting supplies to give them a new life.  Natalie is passionate about healing our communities and supporting sustainability in any kind of making.

Shara is a birth doula, birth-postpartum-lactation educator, and social work graduate student with a passion for supporting and normalizing important conversations about women’s issues (mental health, hormones & cycle, perinatal + postnatal + breastfeeding).

Tina owns a hypnotherapy clinic here in Utah. Through her own journey, she has discovered how hypnosis can help an individual go from bitterness and turmoil to inner peace and assuredness.

Stephanie Sorensen is a very gifted, intuitive birthworker. She is skilled in multiple modalities and takes a very trauma aware approach to helping her clients.

Katie started as a doula in 2017 but when supported with the right tools and community, she built a training curriculum that is unmatched in the market today.

Lexi had an idea.  What if travel is more than seeing pretty sights.  Lexi went from idea to a full business!  What were her fears and blocks and how she overcame them!

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