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You have a VISION for your business.
Move your vision into the REAL WORLD.

Welcome to the
Academy Immersion

The Soul Seed Academy Immersion program is unlike any other business education system on the market today. Our program is designed specifically with women in mind. Women are community builders, nurturers, and creative thinkers. Balancing a business on top of everything is often too much. Let us remove the overwhelm. This program is a “done with you” program which means you’ll have access to our team of experts and creators to help you leave the academy with tangible deliverables.  You don’t have to do it alone!

The Academy Immersion Experience includes:

  • 14-Week Intensive
  • Wednesdays 6 – 9 PM
  • Zoom
  • All deliverables


Do I have to go to the Business Breakthrough Retreat first?

Nope! Whenever you’re ready, you can join!

What are the times?

Generally Tuesdays 6-9 PM, but depending cohort needs we may adjust these times

When can I get started?

Set up a one-on-one strategy session and let’s do this together!

Where is it?

Online- Live on Zoom

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $3500+ and grants/scholarships may apply

What is included?

We get stuff DONE!  All the projects included in classes are built with you.

Academy Tuition Includes:

A Gorgeous
brand guide

Your logo, your business story, and all your colors, fonts, music, branding words and imagery.

An amazing
intro video

Script and direct a beautiful video that shows your perfect customer exactly why they want to connect with you!

A custom-built website

Whether you have no website or an existing site that needs some TLC, we'll help you craft the perfect website for your business and build it for you too!

Social Media Content

How about if we tackle the big mean social media monster together! We'll help you build a strategy, create content (we'll do this for you!) and post!

Expert Deep Dives

Learn from our amazing lawyer, accountant, insurance, web and more specialists!

Specialty Projects

Want to create a podcast? Launch a book? Host a retreat? We'll help you through all the steps of creating these projects with you!

Building a business is sometimes so lonely. So confusing. And so overwhelming!

The Soul Seed Academy Immersion program is designed to take all the stress away.  We’ll guide you (sometimes by tricking you into doing hard things), and create everything alongside you. 
You are not alone!

So… What do we really do in Academy?

Topics Covered In Academy Include:


Who are you?

Get your founder story straight! Define why you do what you do and where you want to go.


Brand Imagery

Building a brand is more than just a pretty logo. It's all your non verbal cues and your promises. We help you get all aligned!


Products & Services

So what are you going to sell? How are you going to up-level your offerings? We'll help you create value-added packages that your customers will love!


Building Traction

What does it actually mean to build traction? How can we get your first paying client at your door?


Powerful Video

Learn what it takes to captivate your specific target audience with a beautifully branded video.


Compelling Website

We break website creation down to really specific and super easy steps. We'll teach you what SEO even means and how to apply it to the organization of your website.


Sticky Social Media

Social media is a beast! But a powerful tool. Let us teach you the basics of social media management so you can make educated decisions rather than fear based ones about your social media usage.


Money Mindset

All of us have beliefs about money and for good or for bad they dictate how we are managing the money we have and the money we are making. Let's help you choose which money mindset works best for you and your business.


Email Automation, Lead Magnets

We want to teach you how to set up your email nurture system in the most effective way. We also want to help you build a captivating lead magnet that will get you those emails for your nurture system.


Hosting events, retreats, classes and more

If part of your business involves any of these, we'll show you how to get yourself organized and ready to go.


Course Creation, Bookwriting, Podcasting, etc.

You know that book you have been thinking about writing or that class you've always wanted to teach? Well it's time to get them done and on the market.


Scaling & Team Leadership

We are in the business of sustainability. We will help you build systems so hiring your first employee will be so easy!

Let's build your business WITH YOU!
Banish the overwhelm!

What is the cost for all of this?

Academy programs start at $5497.

Our programs are packed with value.  For example, just in the first project, there is over $10,000 in business services included!

If you have a reason to start a business that you know will change the world, money should never come in the way.  This is not about money blocks.  This about changing the world.  If finances are an issue for you, connect with us to find out about our grant and scholarship opportunities

We are so excited to spend the next 4-12 months building with you!

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