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Preventing Burnout: How to Invest in Yourself and Your Business



Working with female entreprenuers over the last few years has been absolutely wonderful! Women are powerful. The way they love and support is unmatched. However, these tendencies to care and love, often lead women to burnout faster. You are not the only one struggling to find the balance. You might be asking if there is even a way to prevent burnout? Or is it just inevitable? How can you be more invested in your business and still have time and energy for the ones you love?

After years of working on this balance for ourselves, we have come to the conclusion that it is possible. Building a business does not have to mean less time with family. You don’t have to over work yourself to see success. Here are some of the most effective and sustainable ways we have found to run your businesses in a way that avoids burnout. 

The first, and most important is to build your business with integrity. Align your business with what you believe in and who you are. Never establish your business solely on profit. If you are going to put in the work to make a sustainable business, make sure you love what you do, who you are serving and how you serve those people. 

Second is be unique. You don’t have to develop a completely new way to do something but find ways to distinguish yourself. Build your brand and your products in a way that is a little surprising to your customers. It’s easy to lose interest in what you do but if you find ways to be creative, it will help you remain invested. Leave room in your business for creativity and change. 

Third is build sustainability. Systems are your best friend. Don’t be married to the idea that you have to do everything. You don’t always have to be the face, voice, hands, legs, arms, etc. of the company. Build systems that can be done automatically by a program or be given as a responsibility for a virtual assistant. Hire good people who are excited about what you do and can help you build and maintain powerful systems. 

Fourth is to focus on outcomes. Know what your big goals are and use those goals to help you build smaller daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Staying focused on the end can help you stay motivated in the present. Remind yourself of the world you are working to create. When you do a task remember why you are doing it. 

Lastly, embrace new tech. The tech world is constantly growing and changing. There are so many programs out there to help and support you as a business owner. Almost all of the programs have free trial periods so that you can try them out before you commit to anything. You also can always outsource to others to help you with the tech that you are not familiar with. 

Your business is worth it. You have a powerful business that can support, entertain, care, heal, feed people. That alone is worth the work. As an entreprenuer, be open to change. Change your beliefs. Change your mind. Build business in a way that invites  learning, growth, and mistakes. 

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