Soul Seed Academy

Expert Group

We network with the best of the best to help support our academy participants. Our program includes many business services. Here are some of our favorite experts.

Holley & Associates

Holley and Associates is our go-to for tax and accounting specialties. Joel is the tax director and provides one on one tax strategy and support for our academy participants.

Payroll Perfect

Payroll Perfect is connected to Holley & Associates. Payroll Perfect offers payroll services.

Mountain Media

Spencer is our website guru. He manages the Soul Seed Academy website and all the websites for the academy participants hosted on our web server.

Aspenwood Manor

Aspenwood Manor hosts our retreats and our out of town participants when they come for in-person activities.

Birth Circle

Many of our academy members are birth workers. Birth Circle provides specific support for our birth workers.

The Touch of Life

The Touch of Life specializes in life event films but does all of our video production and editing. When part of the academy, you'll have access to their help to create beautiful films for your business.

Seth Robinson Consulting

Seth is our in-house business analyst/ butt-kicker. He helps our us and academy participants see opportunities never imagined before. He also leads our block busting "Entrepreneurs Anonymous" group.

Soul Seed Academy Community Resources

Utah Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

Other recommended professionals & resources

Creative Stream is an affordable, friendly and tech-savvy film and photography studio located in Provo, Utah. 

Brian (with Right Think) is an incredible brand architect!

Rod is a story coach who will help you clarify your messaging and story.

We have to include this here because we LOVE their pampering and all-natural products. If you order, please use this link!  All affiliate link proceeds go to support our Seed program!

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