Our Creations

Here are just few of our incredible women who have come through the program!

We’re highlighting these businesses because most or all of the content in these examples was created within Soul Seed Academy!

Creative Ways to Grieve

McKenzie Mott

Meet Kenzie

Creative Ways to Grieve helps parents who are grieving the loss of a child. She unabashedly takes on the subject of grief and what it means to heal and continue living after a child has died. We can't say it better than her- take a look at her website and see how Creative Ways to Grieve is different from anything you've ever seen!

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

McKenzie built her entire brand foundation, her story, her website, her intro video and her podcast/YouTube series.

Website Link

Emotion Commotion

Melissa Price

Meet Melissa

Melissa created an amazing game that's not only fun but life-changing for the families that play it. It teaches emotional intelligence and expression to help families communicate and navigate rough times.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Melissa built her website, re-did her logo, and created her intro videos.

Website Link

The Divinity that is You

Terri Jueschke

Meet Terri

Terri specializes in helping her clients heal from past traumas so they can regain control and peace in their lives.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Terri built her business foundation, her logo, her website, and her intro video.

Website Link

Summit Planning

Kate Smith

Meet Kate

Kate specializes in helping municipalities create emergency plans to submit to regulating bodies such as state and FEMA boards. City managers are often overwhelmed with daily duties of running the city and this specialized requirement put upon them by the government is difficult, time consuming and often expensive to create in-house. So Kate does it for them!

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Kate started in Soul Seed Academy with just an idea! She built her entire business foundation, her intro video, her packages/services and her website in her first 4 months in the Soul Seed Academy program!

Website Link

Bhava Birth

Stephanie Sorenson

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie created an incredible birth education program built on the principles of Yoga. Her program doesn't dictate any type of "right or wrong" birth but rather the experience of growth, clarity and peace that comes from a satisfying birth.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Stephanie had great traction with her in-person trainings. In Soul Seed Academy, she focused on building out more content (podcast, videos, courses) and scaling her market reach.

Website Link


Victoria Suggs

Meet Tori

Tori is a birth influencer who places incredibly valuable gift bags of useful products and powerful information into the hands of pregnant women. She is passionate about getting the right information into the hands of birthers so that they can make informed decisions and have the best birth outcomes possible.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Tori started with just an idea! She wanted to become a birth influencer but not in the traditional "Instagram queen" way. Tori built out her entire business model, her video, website, logo, and more! She leveraged the community within Soul Seed Academy to source products and information for her bags. Within the first 4 months of her program, she built everything from the ground up and placed her first set of bags with 60+ pregnant women.

Website Link

Mother Dance

Jenessa Berg

Meet Jenessa

Janessa has created an incredible birth education program built on the principles of movement and dance.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Janessa built her business foundation, created her video and strategized her website.

Website Link


Bonnie Roberts

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie is passionate about helping moms heal and obliterate the "mom guilt." She builds circles of support and guides moms to build balance and peace in their homes.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?
Website Link
Podcast Link

Doula Magic

Katie Foerster

Meet Katie

Katie is one of the most sought after doulas in Utah and has helped countless families. Katie had an idea to help other doulas build strong, resilient and sustainable birth businesses. Doula Magic is a training program, a book (in the making), and a mentorship to help doulas who want to maximize their reach and impact without burnout.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Katie has another successful business but she opted to fire start her newest venture within Soul Seed Academy's program. She built her video, website and is working on her book.

Aware Birth and Beyond

Yolanda Fredrickson

Meet Yolanda

Yolanda is an incredible teacher and guide for the couples that hire her for her birth education classes and as a doula.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Yolanda re-designed her website, built her affirmation cards, tightened up her branding and messaging, started a podcast and more!

Website Link

Our Pink Tent

Meradith Fraser

Meet Meradith

Meradith has had a very busy year in Soul Seed Academy! She not only leads groups of support for postpartum women, but she has written a book, launched her somatic healing practice and more!

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Meradith has built her logos and websites within the Soul Seed Academy program. She used one of our talented experts to do the illustrations for her upcoming book.

Website Link

HypnoActive Birth

Lauralyn Kohl

Meet Lauralyn

Lauralyn is the founder of the Curtis Method of Childbirth and runs the Hypnobirthing Utah group on Facebook. She has taught over 5,000 couples to birth with confidence.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Lauralyn built the new foundation of her re-brand from The Curtis Method to HypnoActive Birth. She clarified her messaging and set her business up to launch nationwide.

Website Link

Eller Art Studio

Holli Eller

Meet Holli

Holli is an amazing artist and art instructor that helps her students see the world like an artist.

What was built in Soul Seed Academy?

Holli came into Soul Seed Academy wishing to grow her her art studio. She worked on systems and her website.

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