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Startup Ignition

Startup Ignition is a great resource for tech companies that want to grow and receive funding.

They focus on:
– Idea (scalability, technology laws, ideation and problem/solution, idea analysis, protecting your ideas)
– Founding (founding team formation, slicing the pie, financial projections, legal formation, other founding legal and practical tips)
– Lean Startup (customer development, minimum viable product, business model generation, traction)
– Scaling (legal review, bookkeeping & taxes, compliance and protection, building a team, selling)
– Finance (financial projections, capitalization, financing your venture, cashflow management, equity incentives, financial reporting)

*All of this was taken directly from the Startup Ignition website.


RevRoad is a powerful incubator that helps tech and saleable companies build.  They surround their founders with support with venture services, partnerships, networking and business services.

If you’re a tech or product company with opportunity to scale, reach out to them!  They take a percentage of equity in your company in trade for their services.

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