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Errand is an on-demand errand running service for busy people! Whether it be a grocery run, post office drop-off, pharmacy pick up, or taking your kids homework to him that he forgot, we have your back! Our goal is to save people time so that you can do more of what matters most. Use this code to get your first Errand for free: ERRANDX

Juice It Up Wyo

Juice It Up Wyo makes and bottles cold pressed juices!  I started juicing because drinking juice daily helped me with my mental and physical health. I wanted to be able to provide that to others! Because the fruits and vegetables are juiced, it takes almost no effort for our body to digest them, meaning that all of the vitamins and nutrients they contain almost immediately disperse in our bodies!! It is amazing! Juice It Up Wyo currently serves residents all over Wyoming!

Cache Valley Chiropractic

Cache Valley Chiropractic seeks patients who are tired of living with their musculoskeletal pain and are ready to solve it with proven conservative treatments. Our chiropractic physician has firsthand experience caring for the underprivileged and disabled, so we are wholly dedicated to providing excellent care that leaves patients raving to family and friends!

The Fine Lime

Monica McDonald has been selling her handspun yarn for 11 years. Being a work from home artist is the perfect fit for her because her children are autistic and she needs to be home whenever they are not in school. Her yarn is used by hobby crafters, as well as professional photography prop makers, weavers, and mixed media artists.

Be Humanitarian

Tobie and her team have been giving humanitarian tours to Guatemala for the last 10 years. They are a non-profit organization. Tobie has built preschool and nutrition programs as well as a sewing center for the people of Guatemala. The company owns a booth in the Painted Tree where she sells handmade goods from the moms she works with. They sell reusable bags and jewelry. 

Geren Photography

Mia started with photography in 2011 just taking pictures of her quirky friends. Once she got a nicer camera she started building a career. Right now she wants to photograph more mothers with their children and highlight the realities of postpartum. She is planning on photographing her own experience to help mothers feel seen and understood.

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