Soul Seed Academy

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2 Grandmas

Daene and Jane are  two grandmas who’ve enjoyed a lifelong friendship who share their years of wisdom in this unique series where their love of children shines through Daene’s story telling and Jane’s artwork!

Taylor Hyde

They are a team of tutors who work in student empowerment and education. Taylor Hyde Tutoring focus on providing personalized instruction that caters to the students’ specific needs. 

Graceful Healing Therapy for Women

Graceful Healing Therapy specializes in Women’s mental health with an emphasis on issues prevalent to the Utah area. Such as, eating disorders, body image, perfectionism, anxiety, OCD, postpartum concerns, self esteem, trauma and couples/marriage therapy. They offer in person and virtual options and take multiple insurances.

Rachel Claire LLC
Holistic Health Caaching

Rachel is a functional medicine and holistic health coach that partners with a network of clinicians to provide lab testing, treatment plans, supplement protocols, and health coaching to those struggling with thyroid, gastrointestinal, hormone concerns, and autoimmune conditions. Using a holistic and functional medicine approach, her goal is to empower you to take your health into your own hands.


Avion is a boudoir photographer based in Orem, UT. Her main goal is to empower women one shoot at a time. She captures the intrinsic beauty of every person and has an absolutely kick-ass Facebook group for women to talk openly about all things body, sex, motherhood, and life. Check it out! 

Salt City

Salt City Payments helps businesses save money and provide quality customer service with State Of The Art Technology. Services include, Risk Management, Merchant Account Placement, Payment Processing Review, Merchant Account Management, and High Risk Assessment.

Rapid Fire

Kate Bowcut is that hometown friendly girl, who lives on a farm, and loves IT! She own RapidFire IT, an incredible IT company that makes technology simple, understandable and relatable. Plus, they can work within any budget. They keep the S-H out of I.T.

Totally Blind Window Fashions

They specialize in interior design so they can help you pick the perfect window coverings for your space. They do anything from blinds, shades and shutters and can fit any budget!

Kairos Billing Solutions

Kairos Billing Solutions caters to mental health private practices, individual providers, and clinics. They serve therapists, professional counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Their team delivers cost-effective, consistent, and high-quality services with the best insurance results so you can run your practice worry-free.


Plan-A-Patch aims to help you design a landscape that is simple, while benefiting YOU and the environment. Danelle is a FREELANCE, landscape designer and loves to discover the nourishment people can receive from outdoor spaces.

Happi Health Living

Happy Health Living is a place you can count on to change your lifestyle in a sustainable way so that your healthy actions become habits you can count on, and even enjoy! I offer a recipe membership program, yogic and ayurvedic informed guidance, and 1:1 nutritional coaching to support you in your most important goals.

Blank Page Possibilities

Blank Page Possibilities is a Grant Writing & Nonprofit Consultation to provide support for nonprofits that focus on the growth and healing of families and individuals by increasing services and funding to nonprofit organizations through expert grant writing, program development, and organizational self-sufficiency training.

True Intimacy

True Intimacy is an online intimacy prep class designed for engaged and newlywed couples who never received a comprehensive sexual education. It’s research-based with Christian values.

Adria Adams Co.

Adria is a multimedia artist who creates original art with a focus on femininity and florals and creates other products with that art. “Art is such a powerful piece of our society because visual imagery is one of the quickest and most effective forms of communication.” Adria’s art and merchandise is available for purchase at her website store.

Authorpreneur Central

Authorpreneur Central provides access to affordable high-quality printing and other author services so that you can profit more from your books as an indie author! Additionally, they offer FREE resources including a Children’s Book Author Community on Facebook.

Layla's Little Neighborhood

Located in American Fork, Layla’s Little Neighborhood is a gorgeous indoor playground for kids. Children can put their imagination to place and the entire family can come together and enjoy.

Honoring You: Birth Association

Honoring You: Birth Association help expectant parents increase their confidence and peace surrounding birth. They host events and have education courses. They also have sponsorship programs for those who might be interested in donating.

The Fluff Bar

Marcella, the owner of Fluff Bar makes adorable cotton candy sculptures that are perfect for any party. In her spare time, she teaches the principles of business to her kids.

Smarty Plants Consulting

Moriah, owner of Smarty Plants Consulting started to teach people how to properly care for their plants using science-backed methods because she was SO SICK of seeing people advertise “plant hacks” that were, in reality, harmful and even deadly to plants. 


Errand is an on-demand errand running service for busy people! Whether it be a grocery run, post office drop-off, pharmacy pick up, or taking your kids homework to him that he forgot, we have your back! Our goal is to save people time so that you can do more of what matters most. Use this code to get your first Errand for free: ERRANDX

Juice It Up Wyo

Juice It Up Wyo makes and bottles cold pressed juices!  I started juicing because drinking juice daily helped me with my mental and physical health. I wanted to be able to provide that to others! Because the fruits and vegetables are juiced, it takes almost no effort for our body to digest them, meaning that all of the vitamins and nutrients they contain almost immediately disperse in our bodies!

Cache Valley Chiropractic

Cache Valley Chiropractic seeks patients who are tired of living with their musculoskeletal pain and are ready to solve it with proven conservative treatments. Our chiropractic physician has firsthand experience caring for the underprivileged and disabled, so we are wholly dedicated to providing excellent care that leaves patients raving to family and friends!

The Fine

Monica McDonald has been selling her handspun yarn for 11 years. Being a work from home artist is the perfect fit for her because her children are autistic and she needs to be home whenever they are not in school. Her yarn is used by hobby crafters, as well as professional photography prop makers, weavers, and mixed media artists.

Be Humanitarian

Tobie and her team have been giving humanitarian tours to Guatemala for the last 10 years. They are a non-profit organization. Tobie has built preschool and nutrition programs as well as a sewing center for the people of Guatemala. The company owns a booth in the Painted Tree where she sells handmade goods from the moms she works with. They sell reusable bags and jewelry. 

Geren Photography

Mia started with photography in 2011 just taking pictures of her quirky friends. Once she got a nicer camera she started building a career. Right now she wants to photograph more mothers with their children and highlight the realities of postpartum. She is planning on photographing her own experience to help mothers feel seen and understood.

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