So your friend said you should check us out?  YAY!  WELCOME!  Thanks for indulging your curiosity and landing here.

What is Soul Seed Academy?
We’re a business accelerator for women with passionate causes.  Any female business owner (or wanting to start a business) who has a business built on a cause about which she’s absolutely passionate! 
Do you know that what you have to offer can literally change the world?  Even if it’s just the world of your precious customers and clients?  Then you are a passionate entrepreneur. 
Midwives, massage therapists, artists, coaches (life, health, or other), musicians, actors, authors, doulas, butterfly breeders… ANYONE who loves what they do and know that as a business it will bless the lives of their customers/clients.

Is that you?  Your friend thought so… SO let’s keep going!

Why did your friend tell you to check us out?
So many passionate entrepreneurs are stuck in a trap.  They have to delicately balance their time with their family and other commitments.  They don’t have a background in business nor do they have the time or money to go get a traditional business school training (and let’s be completely honest- those trainings are not for passionate entrepreneurs anyway.)

So back to balance… do you feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of running your business?  Social media, marketing, advertising, branding, web design, graphic design, packaging and products/services… I’m overwhelmed just writing this list!  But it’s a REAL problem.

This overwhelm blocks you from 
-Finding balance in your personal life
-Creating a business for your passionate cause that really makes a difference in your clients and customers’ lives
-Having the financial stability and foundation to make all the time worth it.

Oh! And another characteristic of a passionate entrepreneur is that she isn’t driven completely by money.  Money makes it possible for her to take care of things in her life to allow her to pursue her passionate business (like help with childcare, housework or self care), but it’s not the first reason she became an entrepreneur.  Passionate entrepreneurs see more money as simply a powerful way to spread more goodness and effect change more effectively.

So back to why your friend sent you here (sorry- I’m just so excited to welcome you into this community that I am getting sidetracked!)

She sees you.  She sees how much good you do.  How incredibly skilled and talented you are.  She feels your heart.  She wants you to have what you’re craving too.
A balanced, sustainable and meaningful business.

It’s really difficult to do it all and honestly maybe impossible… without some help.  She also wants you to have help!  No one can do this alone.

Ok so what’s next?!
Here’s how it works.
If you trust your friend’s recommendation, let’s dive right in! Sign up for a business breakthrough retreat TODAY!
At the Business Breakthrough Retreat, we’ll spend the entire weekend …