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Everyone has a different relationship with technology. Either it’s your best friend and it works for you all the time or you’re like me and technology is secretly working to destroy you and your happiness. Maybe that is a little dramatic but some days it really does feel like that! 

Technology, when it does work in my favor, is extremely helpful! My team and I have saved hundreds of hours through the technology resources available for business owners. While there are tons of resources out there, here is a list of our favorites.  This is a list of some of the best programs for small businesses. Programs that can save your business time and money.  


The best, absolute best way to create beautiful graphic images for literally anything. We use Canva for our social media, for our website, for posters, for emails, and more. It is so easy. My favorite feature that they recently added is the Magic Write feature. It is an AI that will basically write your content for you. An incredible tool for any entreprenuer. The free version is excellent and the pro version  absolutely worth the price which is not that expensive. 


To quote one of our students “Airtable is like Excel on steroids”. We love this program for our ADHD brains.  Airtable makes it possible to dump all of the good and bad ideas in one go and easily organize them afterwards. On this program you can view your data in multiple ways so  you can always find what you are looking for. It is really easy to share your tables with your team members and see the history of changes for each cell. The majority of the features on this program are free. 

Stampede Strategies

This program was built specifically to support entreprenuers with marketing. There are so many great features with this program. They have a social media scheduling application that gives you suggestions for content related to your business that is already circulating. There is also a feature that helps you build and design each piece of social media content right in the dashboard. The program also has educational material that you can browse that was written by marketing experts. 


With Zoom I can meet with  people from around the world and not even have to move from my chair! The world is so small now because of the connections we can make through video calls. We love that our students can share there screens and we can work on their problems together. The breakout room feature ensures that every student has their needs met and is supported by our team individually. 

Google Voice

Typing with your with all ten of your fingers is 10 times faster then typing with your thumbs. Not only that, but Google Voice makes it possible for my team to support our entreprenuers any time during the day. It also makes it possible for our team to work through problems together and come up with creative solutions to each situation. Plus it’s free to use. 

These are just a few of the programs we use on a daily basis that helps our team accomplish so much and support all of our ladies in the process. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support you and your small business, feel free to reach out! Send us an email at

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