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How to Get Into an Abundance Mindset



Your mindset can have a significant impact on your growth. Ever feel like you’re drowning in tasks, deadlines, and bills? Like there’s never enough time, money, or success? That might be a sign of a scarcity mindset. 

A scarcity mindset is the feeling that your resources and efforts are always lacking. In business, this mindset can be incredibly debilitating because it keeps you feeling like you don’t have the capacity when in reality you do have the capacity. This can cause you to not move forward when opportunities arise or to keep yourself stuck in tasks that you think are important but really just limit your growth. In this article we will discuss 3 ways you can help get yourself out of such a mindset and into an abundance mindset. 

 1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude shifts you into positive thinking. It can stress and anxiety while boosting your overall well-being. Here’s how you can cultivate gratitude:

  • Start documenting your gratitude. Every day, jot down a few specific things you’re thankful for. 
  • Express your gratitude freely. When you do, think intentionally about why you are grateful. 
  • Practice mindfulness. Find moments in life where you can slow down and ground yourself on the here and now. 

2. Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. It doesn’t always happen all at once but it does happen. Expect and encourage change in your life. Surround yourself with people who push you to be and to think better. Set goals for yourself to propel you toward change. Reach out to your community for accountability with your goals. Share with them your journey including the failures and the successes and always ask for help. 

3. Celebrate and Nurture Success

Celebrate your success and the success of others in your community. Accomplishments, big or small, when celebrated can amplify our successes by fueling positivity and momentum. It’s about creating a culture of appreciation and recognition. Talk openly about your wins. Ask about others wins. Broaden your definition of success. Look at what is really important and what is really making an impact. 

To conclude, remember, shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset is a journey. Don’t let negativity and hopelessness hold you back. Keep pushing forward! Your life and business will flourish when you embrace gratitude, welcome change, and celebrate success.

As Stephen Covey wisely said in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” “If I really want to improve my situation, I can work on the one thing over which I have control – myself.” Often, it’s all about changing our mindset. Be grateful, focus on growth, and embrace the journey toward abundance and success. You’ve got this! If you are looking to join a community of women just like you, working on their growth and change, join our Facebook group of female entrepreneurs in Utah.

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