Making your passion change the world.

Soul Seed Academy

We guide courageous and passionate women to
confidently build a balanced, profitable and meaningful business.

Your Passions can literally change the world.

But running a passion-based business is often overwhelming!
But it doesn't have to be!

Learn more about the community!

Meet some of our members and find out more!

You have a business you know could change the world, but…

You have come a long way and done an amazing job!

Let’s take away the overwhelm and get you where you need to be so you can fly!

Let us show you how to dissolve the overwhelm and run your business smoothly!

Join us for a 2 day Intensive Business Breakthrough Retreat at the beautiful Aspenwood Manor in Provo, Utah

Your registration includes:

• All meals and unlimited snacks and drinks to feed you mind and body while we work on the most incredible tools for your business!

You’ll leave with a binder packed full of incredible clarity and specific items you can implement TODAY in your business.

Topics covered in the retreat:

Soul Seed Academy is AFFORDABLE!

Trainings like this elsewhere are THOUSANDS of dollars. Why is ours not?

Because this isn’t your normal business training.  We aren’t here to take your money once and wish you luck.  We stand by the program we’ve created and look forward to being with you BY YOUR SIDE for many months and years to come as you build.

You don’t need lots of money to be able to pay people to build your business for you (your website, social media, video, graphic design, etc).  You need someone to show you how and do it with you.  This not only saves you thousands of dollars but then YOU know how to create and direct the business of your dreams with confidence!

Business Breakthrough Retreat

Soul Seed Academy was EXACTLY what I needed! I never realized there was a community of women like me. Passionately running our businesses. We need each other!


Business Breakthrough Retreat
Incredible clarity for your business!
• All gourmet meals and unlimited snacks
• Customized notebook with strategies and tools for your business. *Grant/Scholarship opportunity may apply!

I was absolutely blown away by the retreat! I left with my mind filled and my heart overflowing. I talked my husband's ear off for a week. I gained a fresh perspective and my energy is renewed. I love Soul Seed Academy!

Soul Seed Academy Projects

You don’t need lots of money to be able to pay people to build your business for you. You need someone to show you how and do it WITH YOU. This not only saves you thousands of dollars but then YOU know how to create and direct the business
of your business of your dreams with confidence!

Foundation Project

Understanding self and purpose gives you the foundation on which to build your business with complete integrity.

You will LIVE your purpose by working your business.

Video Project

You will learn type of videos and how to pick the best one for your business.

You'll actually film your video with us and we'll edit it for you!

Website Project

Why do you need a website? It's YOUR real estate. You own it!

You do the wireframing and we'll build the website for you!

Build with Integrity

We guide you leverage your natural strengths to build a strong and profitable passion based business.

Be Unique

We help you find the clarity you need to be seen as the perfect choice for your ideal customer.

Have Sustainability

We help you identify the parts of your passionate work that fulfill you the deepest and help you build a business free from burn out.

Follow your Direction

We provide one-on-one help with even the most frustrating problems so that you can stay focused on your desired outcome.

Banish Tech Overwhelm

We help you build a strong website and social media presence in a way that is not complicated or overwhelming

What is Soul Seed Academy?

Soul Seed Academy is a business accelerator.  The founders of Soul Seed Academy are passion-based entrepreneurial women themselves.  They know what it takes to be successful in busienss while living life to the fullest.  Their greatest fulfillment is passing on the knowledge, tools, and eperience they have gained through their careers. 

Their goal is to help women stand in their strength in all aspects of life and change the world.

Meet our community!



Soul Seed is a women's prayer come true if she is a starting entrepreneur. The program has everything I needed as the woman who wants to be an entrepreneur but has no business or start up experience. Being part of Soul Seed has exponentially increased the speed and organization of getting a business up and running or systemizing so you can go to the next level. I rest easy knowing I have this network of women working me and guiding me.



Soul Seed Academy is a mentoring group like no other. I feel like I hit the jack pot in finding them. They are real live entrepreneurs with a vast amount of experience building and sustaining their own businesses - and all they want to do is share their knowledge! They know firsthand what works and they are passionate about all of it!



I'm so grateful to be a part of soul seed academy. Soul seed has given me knowledge, confidence, and a community. It has helped me see that I can turn my passion into a business, setting me up with a great foundation, resources, and connections. Soul seed is for women who are ready work hard and lift each other up.

You're at a crossroads. What is your best choice?

So as you sit here today thinking about all the life choices you have made that have led to this point… what is your next choice?

Is it to make the move to surrender the fear, overwhelm, and suffering?  Is it to come see for yourself if it is truly possible for you to live and work a passion-based business? (spoiler alert- it IS truly possible.)  Or is it to stay trapped where you and just hope for change? (this isn’t the path we want for you!)

Maybe you’re thinking- it really sounds too good to be true.  To have a balanced and fulfilling business is too hard and overwhelming.  How could anyone promise to take that away?

Soul Seed Academy is built exactly for you.  We have a team of experts and systems that will guide and walk WITH you through every step of launching or growing your business.  We have a proven system that will hold your hand through the entire process.  This isn’t a normal training where you listen to instruction and then you’re expected to create everything yourself.


Make ONE decision today.
The decision is:

“I choose today to surrender fear and suffering.  I choose to allow the process of creating and/or growth of my business to unfold in a balanced and authentic way.”

Sign up for the retreat and let us show you the rest.

10+ Experts with 100+ years of experience

Our incredible team of experts LOVES our community!

100+ Passion-Based Entrepreneurs in our Community

You are definitely NOT alone!

$1,000,000+ income in 2020 for our entrepreneurs

Come learn how to build a profitable and sustainable business!

Your passionate cause can change the world.  And you know it!

But sometimes your passion and expertise are seen as a cute hobby.  Sometimes it is even hard to overcome that in your own mind.

Your family relationships are very important to you. They come first.  Before the business and before the money.  This makes running a business a huge challenge!  Both in time and money management.

You know that you have so much to give but things like technology, social media,  family pressures or time limits are downright blocking you from giving what you could.  It’s all just SO OVERWHELMING.

Did your partner give you an ultimatum?  Did your friends make a snarky comment yet again?   Are your parents hinting their disapproval?

And darn that social media with all the posts and photos of those who are “making it.”

What about your financial situation?  Is it sink or swim?

Your heart is crying louder and louder and the desperate pit in your stomach is getting heavier.

You are looking for the solution on how to make your business work!   You probably started by googling “business trainings” or “business help.”   Here’s the problem:

Traditional business trainings don’t work for you because they:

  • -Cater to full time career women- and you don’t see yourself doing that
  • -Don’t consider that you must have balance between your family and your business
  • -Are expensive and inconveniently timed
  • -Take a one-sized fits all approach to marketing, technology, social media etc.

You belong at Soul Seed Academy.

Your business is your heart-call!  You’re passionate, generous, and want to make life better for those around you!

You’re not doing your business to make a ton of money but more money would be great!  You can think of a million ways more money could help your business and those around you.  Just how to get that money is the question…

Your heart desires to make the world a better place and your business is how you contribute.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN have a balanced and profitable business that elevates the world and fulfills your deepest yearnings.

(And we haven’t even gotten to talk yet about how powerful living this type of business has on your legacy- your children and grandchildren.)

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