Soul Seed Academy

One of the most important things needed to be successful is to be part of a community of other people who think like you do. We want this for all entrepreneurial women.


Connection groups are completely virtual!
Join from anywhere for free!

Our connection groups are more than your traditional networking groups. They are designed to provide intimate settings where women can connect quickly and deeply,  build trust, and workshop whatever barrier is currently in the way. This is a space where women are heard and seen, and alliances are made naturally. They also always include a mini-masterclass.


Part of having a thriving business is to have a mindset open to learning and exploring. Our Insight Luncheons are designed to bring business owners together to learn from each other and from a respected and experienced business woman.

Every month we meet for lunch and bring in a strong business owner or community leader to share special insights about an important concept. This gives us opportunities to not just to learn, but to build business connections and alliances on another level.


What better way to strengthen your business than to join a competition! A competition is a fun and motivating opportunity that creates a reason for you to clarify how you talk about your business. It also provides a powerful way to spread community awareness of what you do and who you serve, while having a chance to win some much needed cash.

This May we are holding a very special competition for women-owned small businesses. We are inviting solopreneurs and micro-preneurs who have 0-$100K in previous investments and competition winnings to join the competition. If you want to grow your business, have more community awareness of your brand, and have a chance to win cash to help you grow your business this is for you.

If you are a larger business or community leader who is looking for a way to support smaller businesses, reach out! We would love to let you know more about the opportunities.


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