Soul Seed Academy

What is Soul Seed Academy?

We are a “done-WITH-you” business incubator for women.  We integrate education with business services so that you are never alone and you can go as fast as you desire.  No matter what your business goals are, we’ll push and support you the way you need it most.

Why women?

Through the years we’ve noticed that the normal business world doesn’t always take small women-owned businesses seriously.  We as women don’t fit some business world expectations and sometimes our powerful specialties are even seen as cute hobbies. It’s not ok.  That’s why we set out to build an innovative business incubator that created a way for women-owned businesses to have clarity, community, and confidence so their business can have maximum impact. 


Soul Seed Academy's Curriculum

Whose curriculum do you use?

We are proud to incorporate the tricks and tools from our expert instructors and our 100+ years in combined business experience. Our founders have had formal business education with elite programs from all over the world plus years of education with the school of hard knocks. The execution of our curriculum is all our own.  Come experience the difference!

How is Soul Seed Academy different from other trainings?

Traditional business training tend to focus on just the widget to be sold (at the expense of the founder’s strengths and personal desires) and often approach business principles in a one-size-fits-all way. We believe your super powers are unlocked when you learn to do business by fully utilizing your strengths. Everyone is different, so everyone’s ideal business is different.

Soul Seed Academy is also different because our trainings are “done-with-you”. You won’t be given lots of lectures and then expected to decode them and do homework. We are with you every step of the way.

Who is teaching these classes?

You’re learning directly from our founders, our creator team and our expert panel.  Everyone you’ll learn from has tons of real-world experience and is an expert in what they do.


What can I expect from the classes?

Expect an intensely productive, fun and supportive environment


Who do we work with?

Who participates?

We specialize in start-ups and businesses ready to scale.  Whether you’re just starting in the idea phase or you have hit a plateau but you want to grow, we’ve got you!

Our women vary in their main motivation for running a business, but often it’s a woman who needs her business to be balanced with her family’s needs. Often she has young children at home or she is caring for grandchildren or aging parents. She has a need for her business to be strong but balanced.

Our women’s businesses range vastly!  Birth workers, tech ventures, midwives, product-based, massage therapists, energy workers, life coaches, artists, musicians, actors, authors and more!

The type of business doesn’t matter, but what is a common theme is grit, the love of what they do, and a determination to make the world a better place.

 If you know you have something to give to make the world a better place, you belong here!

Do I have to have a business to join?

Actually, no!   If you have an idea of how you could make the world a better place, we’ll help you launch your idea, test to make sure it’s a good one, and build a beautiful brand and website to help you attract your perfect customer.

We have taken women from the very beginning stages of a business idea to launch. And we’ve taken women from having a small business to having a bigger business!

Just show up and let’s do this together!

What if I have a co-founder and we want to join Soul Seed Academy together?

If you have a co-founder, please let us know.  They can attend with you for no additional cost, however you will designate one of you to be the one to communicate with the creator team.  There is a lot of value in building with someone else by your side!

What if my husband/partner is my co-founder?

Our program is for women only, however we can definitely keep him involved.  Reach out to us to discuss what this looks like.

I have a great idea- why do I need classes on being an entrepreneur?

We aim to equip you with skills you would normally take years to develop on your own.  Let’s get you changing the world for good as fast and as effectively as possible.

How much do I need to know about business, websites, branding, tech and all the things before I join?

You could be at the very beginnings of the entrepreneurial stirrings in your heart… or you could be working your business sun up till sun down and need more support– either way, we’ve got you!  Even experienced entrepreneurs will love how we push, challenge and guide you to be and build better!

Would you really not accept a man as a student?

While we don’t have a community, retreat or live events for men, we do have a few men who LOVE what we do and enroll in our private one-on-one accelerated program.  Ask us for more details!

Business Breakthrough Retreat

What is the Business Breakthrough Retreat?

The Business Breakthrough Retreat is a lifechanging experience. For 2 days, we nourish your body, mind, and soul and immerse you in concepts that are essential for you to find balance and growth.

The retreat:
• introduces you to our culture
• helps you develop expectations for your growth
• supports you as develop you find foundational clarity
• helps you see what you need in your business going forward.

You will walk away full of hope knowing that you have a binder stuffed full of actionable items and mind blowing clarity.   Whether you come just for the retreat, or stay for an Academy Program afterward, you will walk awaynourished with TONS of clarity and value, energized and refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

How much does it cost?

See the registration page for current tuition rates (grants and scholarships may apply).


Soul Seed Academy's Community

How does the community work?

Our community is a sisterhood of like-minded women! Come join our Business Breakthrough Retreat and you are automatically part of our family. We build friendships from your first retreat and the fun just continues. Our culture is not one of competition, but of growing and supporting each other together.

The Academy Program

What are the Academy programs?

Our business accelerator includes different supportive educational programs to help you ACCELERATE the development and/or growth of your business. These programs are specially designed to have different tool sets, skills, and resources that will help you to overcome the overwhelm and take on your innovative business with confidence.

How long do the Academy programs last?

The Academy programs can range from 3 weeks (accelerated) to 1 year.  We have alumni programs and some of our participants have been with us for over 2 years.


When do academies start?

We generally start new academy cohorts in February, May and September.

How many people attend an academy?

Because this is a DONE-WITH-YOU program, we limit enrollment so that you have lots of one-on-one help.  We place you in a close cohort.  You’ll learn from each other and build powerful friendships and alliances with the other women in your cohort.  Cohort will range in size from 6-16 students.

What is the time commitment?

This is a system built entirely for you and what YOU need for balance. You can take the time you need. Academy classes are 3 hours per week and you can usually complete projects in that timeframe, however you may want to take more time to think through things and improve. 

We know you’re busy with all the other things in your life!  So because this is a “done-with-you” approach, ALL of the time you spend with us is actively working on your business.

What's included in tuition?

-14 week base camp project that includes branding, video, web and social media
-Advanced project track to help you get tons more built
-All the deliverables for the projects (a finished website, a new or revised logo, video intro, social media content, etc)
-Other activities include, deep dives with special speakers, alumni retreats, a book club, legacy activities (to involve our families), and more. Members can choose to participate however they’d like.

What are the business services included?

Business services are included with all of our academy “projects.”  Depending on which projects you decide to take, this can range from graphic design, web programming, video production, course creation, social media management, marketing and more.  We also have legal and tax help. 

The key is keeping you in your strengths.  We like to say– we push and support you to whatever you’re really good at and we’ll pick up the irritating buggery part.  So however you define buggery is where we want to support you the most with business services.

Location and Cost

Our main office is in Provo, Utah

Our Connection Groups are held all over the Wasatch Front in Utah and online in Zoom.

The Business Breakthrough Retreat is held in Provo, Utah.

The accelerator program workshops are held live on Zoom. 

Nope!  We strongly encourage an in-person retreat experience, but the academy program can be done entirely remotely.  We have women from all over the country participating.


Soul Seed Academy is incredibly affordable! We believe every woman with a passion who wants a business should be supported. See our program page for more details on costs.

Yes!  Money should never be a barrier to reaching your business dreams.  Reach out if money is your only barrier.  :). Reach out if you’re making “money” the excuse for not reaching your business dreams.


We can’t make financial promises, however we encourage you to speak with one of our academy members or read the case studies page.

We promise that you’ll love the community and that the trainings will push and encourage you.  Some of our women come in for personal development more than to make a bazillion dollars. And others come in to make a bazillion dollars. You get to define what your desired results are and we support you.


What if I miss a class?

Life is real and we as women know we have to be flexible. So we record every class and place it within the student portal. You can get caught up before your next class.

Are you promising my business will rock after this program?

Of course we can't promise any time of monetary success or accomplishments. But we can promise you'll learn and grow. You may find out your current business idea is a waste of time or you may discover a completely hidden opportunity you missed before. You may decide business isn't for you or that you want to take a different path. We see all of these as "successes". We are here with you every step of the way as you figure it all out.

What is the "Got It Guarantee?"

We know sometimes great things take time. If you start your cohort program and something interrupts you (family issues, pregnancy, loss of focus or direction, etc), you can re-enroll in the next cohort for FREE! Please reach out to us for fine print and qualifications for this guarantee.

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