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Expert Highlight

Neil is passionate about entrepreneurship. He built programs and systems that support entreprenuers in removing the overwhelm of technology. He is a wealth of information and is so excited to tell you anything you need to know. He also loves to introduce himself in creative, silly ways. He is so fun loving!

Kamden understands how hard it is to grow businesses but he also knows how rewarding it can be. He is the kind of person that wants to hear all about your wins and your failures and will help you grow bigger than you thought you could.

McCain has been exploding the social media pages of entrepreneurs for the last few years and he is unstoppable. He is the founder of Set Fire Creative, an award-winning digital marketing firm. They serve companies from around the world. Learn more below about the powerhouse that is McCain.

Keven is the managing partner for the Stratton Law Group located in Utah county as well as the Soul Seed Academy resident lawyer expert. He is the kindest most hilarious lawyer you will ever meet. We are so grateful to have his support and him as a resource. 

 Sierra Johnson is an expert with branding. She has developed a system to support entreprenuers build colors, fonts, images, and words that reflect the mission of a business and the passion of the business owner.

Meet our Tax and Accounting genius.  Joel has been with Soul Seed Academy since the beginning. He makes business accounting look like 3rd grade math but he definitely doesn’t make his clients feel dumb for not knowing how to do 3rd grade math!  We are so grateful for his patience and his passion for precision.

It seems a new social media scheduling platform comes out every minute.  Why?  Because they never really solve the problem.  Most of us are not techy so even using a social media schedule makes us jump through lots of uncomfortable techy hoops.  Troy wanted to save us from ourselves, so he built Stampede. 


Seth has been one of our business coaches since the beginning. His talent for asking the best questions drives you to think about your business in a completely new way.

See if Seth would be a good fit for you!

Spencer is one of the kindest and most non-ego-centric experts we have ever known.  He really does want the best for people. He wants people to grow and have their dreams fulfilled!

See if Spencer would be a good fit for you!

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