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Troy Campbell

Social Media Muscle

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Stampede Strategies

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Taylorsville, UT

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troy specializes in helping you to create Personalized Marketing Strategy, So You Can Make Sure Your Business Crushes Its Goals While Minimizing Money Spent On Trial And Error.

Why do we love Him?

Troy has a heart of gold and the tech skills to crush even the techiest!  He wants everyone who has a purpose and a message to have the tools to make that heard.  We’ve seen him spend hours helping and guiding business owners to find their voice and feel confident in their social media presence.

When you should call Him:

When you are ready to really focus on your social media.  Even if you’re still afraid of the big bad social media monster, if you’re ready to tackle it, take it seriously, and do it YOUR way, Stampede is the tool.

If you think that someone else can do your social media better than you, or that you only do it because it’s a necessary evil, then maybe there is some work to be done in some mindset shifts.  Because Stampede (in our opinion) is built to make everything painless and to help business owners be creative and productive.  You can even manage your google business account from within your Stampede dashboard! 

How does He stand out?

Troy founded Stampede marketing which is an incredible software that not only lets you schedule your posts on popular social media channels but guides you along the entire process of up-leveling your social media game. 

How to start a conversation with Him:

Reach out and say “Soul Seed Academy told me I need to get on Stampede!  Tell me where to click to get started!”

What is music to his ears?

Well, besides: “Soul Seed Academy told me I need to get on Stampede!  Tell me where to click to get started!”, Troy loves to hear

“wow!  I didn’t believe social media could be so painless and actually satisfying!”  or “Following Stampede’s guidance, I 100x my following and I feel like social media isn’t as bad as I thought it was!”

$$ Investment

Services start at about $30/month, but Stampede has some full serve options.

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