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Trevor Skene

Master of Patent Hacks

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Patent Hacks

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Trevor specializes in patent laws and passionate to help his clients protect their inventions and ideas.

Why do we love Him?

Trevor Skene is known for his innovative and practical approach to patent law, which has helped many businesses and inventors navigate the complex world of patents and intellectual property. He is a respected member of the patent law community, and has authored several articles and publications on the subject.


When you should call Him:

If you want to protect your genius ideas which you want to turn into a successful business, call him today!

How does He stand out?

He is a sought-after speaker and educator, sharing his knowledge and insights with audiences around the world. Trevor is passionate about helping his clients succeed, and his dedication to their success has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected figures in the industry.

How to start a conversation with Him:

There is no wrong way to start a conversation with Trevor! He is really passionate about helping his clients succeed. You can email him “Hi Trevor! I heard about you and your company from Soul Seed Academy! I have a few questions about patents. Would love to chat with you when you’re available.”

What is music to his ears?

He loves hearing more about what you do and who you are there to help. He loves working with you to help you protect and succeed in your business. He is excited to answer your questions and get you valuable information.

$$ Investment

Unlimited access to all of his companies resources is only $20.83 a month! You can learn more about the plans available here: About – Patent Hacks®

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