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Spencer Nielson

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Mountain Media

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Spencer is the owner of a full-service web and media company specializing in awesome WordPress sites.

Why do we love Him?

We met Spencer years ago as he was creating sites for other people in our industry. When we met with him the first time, we were so impressed with how patiently he explained things. He made us feel smarter and more in control of how our site was going to be built. He let us take on the parts of the building we wanted to tackle and he did the rest.

Spencer is one of the kindest and most non-ego-centric experts we have ever known. He really does want the best for people. He wants people to grow and have their dreams fulfilled!

When you should call Him:

Spencer is fully integrated into the Soul Seed Academy incubator. Our students who choose to build their site on the WordPress platform get the opportunity to have Spencer build the framework of their site as part of their tuition.

If you’re a business owner, call Spencer when you’re done with complicated web hosts, and sketchy web designers, and are ready for a lean, clean, and beautiful WordPress site.

How does He stand out?

So many web companies are cookie cutter. You have to put your content into their framework. Customer service isn’t always cohesive. But with Spencer, he helps you every step of the way in the creation period and then he is your customer service go-to if anything is amiss later.

How to start a conversation with him:

Spencer is a genius when it comes to making sure WordPress sites are running at their best. When you call him, ask him about what he does for security and how he supports his clients with monitoring and backups.

What is music to his ears?

When a client calls and says “I want a super well-built site and I have all the assets in order, ready to plug in.”

$$ Investment

Spencer is flexible with payments and pricing. He truly wants every entrepreneur to have a site that gives them the power and control they need to make their company soar. He can do monthly payments but expect to spend $4,000+ for a site depending on its complexity.

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