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Expert Highlight

Seth Robinson

Superstar Business Analyst

Contact info:

(801) 228-0856

Based Out Of:

Lehi, UT

Area Served:

He works virtually, so he can serve people anywhere!


Seth specializes in everything related to business strategy and business finance systems.

Why do we love Him?

Seth is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in helping to research, analyze data, and build personalized business strategy plans. He is also exceptional in how he understands not just data and processes, but also people. He takes an individualized approach in working with his clients. He is so kind and patient. While he really pushes you in challenging your business assumptions and ideas, he is incredibly therapeutic and understanding and will walk you through to understanding and not leave you hanging.

When you should call Him:

Reach out to Seth when you know who it is you want to serve. This is quite early in the business building process. Of course he can help you in later stages, but he likes to help you get started right and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering!  Once you know who you want to serve, he will help you engage with your potential customers and use analytics to determine what it is they are ready to purchase. Don’t come to him determined you know what they want. Be ready to test your hypotheses and figure out what your customers are waiting to buy not what you think they need.

How does He stand out?

Most analysts ONLY do data. Seth does way more. He actually was originally in training to be a therapist. He got his undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis in psychometrics, and then got his graduate degree in business, specializing in applied economics. He is unique in that he sees the connection between data and real people… in fact, data helps him understand people better. This combination of training, intuition, and experience enables him to help you get to the root of what you are working on. There is so much emotion tied to building and growing a business. He isn’t afraid of the emotions and is very supportive in helping you to work through what is causing those emotions. Analytics and emotions don’t usually go together, but with Seth they are almost inseparable.

How to start a conversation with Him:

When you connect with Seth, be ready to describe your customer, specifically the customer that is paying you money. Be prepared to describe everything you know about them and your hypotheses about them and what they need.

What is music to his ears?

When you know or have discovered something about your ideal customer that none of your competitors have figured out, and you have data to show how you know that information. He loves it when you bring evidence about an insight in the market that no one else has figured out!

$$ Investment

Seth’s hourly rate is $120/hour, but for larger projects he offers discounts.

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