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Rod McKenzie

The Champion of Story

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Story Changes Everything

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Rod specializes in strategic story that helps businesses increased their trajectory and reach.

Why do we love Him?

Rod has been a great support to the Soul Seed Academy community. We learned so much from him about the importance of clarifying our messaging to our audiences.

When you should call Him:

If you are spending hours and hours building content and marketing your product and you are still struggling to get those clients to your door, it’s probably time to call Rod. He will show you how your messaging is repelling your ideal clients and help you organize and strengthen your messaging to increase your sales.

How does He stand out?

Rod has lots of different services. He can work with you on your marketing, your branding, your messaging and he also has written a few books on the topic. He is very knowledgeable and has helped so many people clarify and strengthen their brands.

How to start a conversation with Him:

Feel free to send him an email like this : “Hi Rod! I saw your information on the Soul Seed Academy newsletter. I would love to chat with you about how my business story can increase loyalty and sales with my ideal clients.”

What is music to his ears?

Rod loves to here more about who you intend to serve, why you want to serve them, and how you heal their pains. He wants to know your whole story.

$$ Investment

Pricing is variable. Reach out to Rod for more information or check out one of his books.

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