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Kamden LaHargoue

Hero of E-Commerce

Business Name:

Nu Dawn

Contact info:

Based Out Of:


Area Served:

The whole world! As long as you have internet you can connect with him.


Kamden specializes in everything related to e-commerce. He knows everything there is to know about how to get your products circulating in the market.

Why do we love Him?

Kamden has a heart of gold! He really understands why women are driven to grow and build businesses. His business Nu Dawn is the most supporting e-commerce partner anyone could ever ask for. They support you with your website, your packaging, your marketing, your photography. Literally anything you could ever need, Kamden has your back.

When you should call Him:

Call him today! Why not? Whether you have a product related business or you are thinking about starting one, Kamden can help you take the next most productive and effective step.

How does He stand out?

He is so inspiring! One of his favorite things he does with his clients is share his failures. He said he loves doing that “so others can have a head start and not repeat his mistakes.” Kamden will always go the extra mile for you and he does it with complete integrity. He also has a warehouse for all of your shipping and storage needs!

How to start a conversation with Him:

Easy. Start with “Hi Kamden! I heard about you from the Soul Seed newsletter/website. I’m thinking about selling some stuff on Amazon. Where should I start?”

What is music to his ears?

Kamden said that what he loves most about working with entrepreneurs is “their willingness to learn and the light they get in their eyes when they see that business owner life is WAY better than working for someone else.” He loves to hear that you are ready to start and grow something new.,

$$ Investment

Pricing for Nu Dawn services is incredibly affordable and customized to the individual business. If you are looking to get some help, reach out to Kamden and set up a time to chat.

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