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Expert Highlight

Keven Stratton

King of Heart Attack Prevention

Business Name:

Stratton Law Group

Contact info:

Based Out Of:

Pleasant Grove, UT

Area Served:

Utah County, Southern Utah and Salt Lake County


Keven specializes Business and Estate planning.

Why do we love Him?

Keven is the funniest, sweetest, kindest and bestest human! Completely not what you expect when you talk with a lawyer. Everything he does is out of love, respect, and support. His entire system is completely heart focused. The other reason why we love him is he really knows his stuff especially when it comes to business legalities. He gently guides you through the bureaucratic hoops and makes you feel like a star!

When you should call Him:

The best time to give Keven a call is right now. Get your business in order to protect you and your customers from the very beginning. If you’re just starting- Keven can help with setting up your entity, helping you write your contracts, and getting things structured.

If you’ve got a running business already- Keven can help with customer issues (hopefully you don’t have a customer issue escalate to a legal issue, but he’s there for you if it does happen) and he can help with expansion and even selling your business!

How does He stand out?

He is so excited to help you set off on the right foot legally so that you can achieve business awesomeness. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions or research into the hard stuff.  He loves seeing his clients succeed and delights in being part of that.

For our Soul Seed Academy members, Keven provides business entity legal work as well as trust and family planning (to protect all the assets present and future!)

How to start a conversation with Him:

There is no wrong way to start a conversation with Keven. Call him and tell him your goals and what your worries are. 

What is music to his ears?

“Hey, Keven!  I want to help more people.. Can you help me create a solid legal business structure so I can fly?”

“Hey, Keven!  I want to protect my kids and my spouse if something happens to me.  Will you help me get my house legally in order?”

$$ Investment

Keven doesn’t charge huge retainer fees.  He bills fairly.  He’s efficient and effective in his work!

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