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Expert Highlight

Kate Bowcut

The Queen of IT

Business Name:

Rapidfire IT

Contact info:

Based Out Of:

American Fork, UT

Area Served:

Utah but she can also help virtually.


She is dedicated to her customers and their IT needs. She is so knowledgeable and she loves explaining to you what you need, how to fix it and how to maintain the systems she can put in place for you.

Why do we love Her?

She is so family oriented! Every system she builds is sustainable and practical. She is a hometown girl who is so fun to talk with and has wonderful life story.

When you should call Her:

As soon as you need help with anything related to tech. If you have questions about programs you can use to help you run your business, Kate can help. If you have questions about your computer and how to get it to do what you want it to do, Kate can help. Call her before you start having issues and she can give you amazing advice for how to get your whole system set up for success.

How does She stand out?

Kate makes technology so simpler and easy to understand. She won’t just fix your issues. She explains why she is doing what she is doing, how it will help, and how you can fix it on your own in the future. She also makes technology relatable. Depending on the issue, she will explain how things work with a metaphor that makes sense to you. She can do all of this within any budget! Her services are priced so well!

How to start a conversation with Her:

Send her an email or give her a call. You can use this script “Hi Kate! I saw you on the Soul Seed Academy website and I would love to meet with you sometime to chat about my computer.” 

What is music to her ears?

Kate loves when you are humble and ready to work and listen to suggestions. She also loves hearing about your life and your family and your business. She is so knowledgeable and she really just wants to help where ever she can.

$$ Investment

Use this link to set up a time with Kate to discuss your needs and get more information about pricing: Pricing Link

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