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Joel Asay

The King of Numbers

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South Jordan, UT

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Joel specializes in using the tax code to business owners' advantage. He's always reading the latest and greatest in tax-code updates

Why do we love Him?

Joel’s passion is using the tax code to business owners’ advantage.  He’s always reading the latest and greatest in tax-code updates (someone’s gotta do the dirty work) and using them to help his clients save tons of money!  He’s incredibly patient with the rest of us as he knows we all hate the IRS and wish it would die.  

When you should call Him:

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve hit a huge snag in your taxes, reach out!  He’s always excited to solve complicated tax puzzles.

How does He stand out?

Joel is an enrolled agent.  So it’s like a CPA but he has special credentialling that makes him a specialist in the tax code.  He’s especially strong in tax strategy and specializes in small to mid-sized businesses. He works in a firm that also does bookkeeping and payroll so no matter what your tax needs are, call him!

How to start a conversation with Him:

Send him this email: ” Hi Joel:) I saw that you are the tax and accounting guru for Soul Seed Academy. I have a question about how to … [insert your accounting question here]… Is this something that you could help me with? Thank you so much! “

What is music to his ears?

Nothing because he is deaf. But he does love when people come to him with a specific tax question or financial goal in mind.  He love working with clients who care about the financial health of their business and wants to maximize their opportunities. He loves being able to bring real relief to people and show them how things work.

$$ Investment

Joel can offer a second opinion to your regular CPA’s advice, or you can hire Joel or his firm to do all your business tax, bookkeeping and payroll services.

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