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Jim Beckstrom

The Ultimate Business Connector

Contact info:

Based Out Of:

Utah County

Area Served:

Utah and California mostly but
he can serve all over the USA


He is an absolute business genius! He can diagnose your business problems in just 30 seconds. Jim is one of the original founders of Entrepreneur Launch Pad!

Why do we love Him?

We love Jim! He is so goofy! He makes every situation fun. He also will blow your mind with all of the knowledge he has about business. His brain just works different and he can think of the most creative solutions to any problem.


When you should call Him:

Send Jim an email today. If you own a business, just started a business, or are even thinking about a business, contact Jim. He will get you started on the right foot and show you how to build your profits from day one.

How does He stand out?

Jim is a business genius and the move incredible connector. He knows who you should talk to and how to get your business where it needs to be. Jim is one of the original founders of Entrepreneur Launch Pad ( He has built multiple businesses over the years and currently works for the SBDC at UVU (Small Business Development Center:

How to start a conversation with Him:

Just send him an email with a quick description of what you do or what you are building and what you are struggling with. It will take him just 30 seconds to diagnose you or just give you a piece of solid advice that an change the course of your entire life. He can help you see things from a different perspective.

What is music to his ears?

He loves working with people who is passionate about their idea. He also loves working with the strategic people who know that their product is going to work, but don’t know how to make it happen. He loves to tell you about the importance of adjusting your product to your audience by asking their opinions. That free gift shows them they have value and status and you see that.

$$ Investment

$165 buck an hour
Schedule through the Small Business Development Center.

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