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Elevating Growth and Community: What’s Happening With Soul Seed Academy in 2024?



Get ready for the year of growth! 2024 is looking to be a total game-changer for Soul Seed Academy. We’re about to embark on a whirlwind of amazing initiatives and experiences. Before diving into what’s coming, a massive shout-out to our incredible community! Thank you! Your unwavering support and belief fuel us every single day. It’s your excitement and passion that drives us, and we’re beyond grateful to be apart of your journey. Thank you from the whole team for joining us and making it possible for us to continue this work and continue to build wonderful programs to help women build their foundations and grow their dream businesses. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the top five things that have us buzzing with excitement for 2024:

1. Alumni Retreat: Rejuvenate and Recommit 

The Alumni Retreat is all about reigniting the love and excitement for our businesses. It’s a family reunion like no other, where past students and retreat attendees converge to celebrate and learn together. A gathering designed for reconnection and pampering. Come join us for what is going to be the most incredible event we have ever put on! 

2. Introducing a NEW Type of Retreat: Scale Your Orchard

Answering the call for growth, we’re proud to introduce a specialized retreat tailored for women who are past the point of foundations and are ready to scale their existing businesses. It’s a strategic, power-packed event designed to supercharge growth and elevate your enterprise to new heights.

3. Growing the Team: Five New Superstars Joining the Soul Seed Academy Team

In line with our commitment to providing exceptional support, this year we plan on welcoming five new creators to our team with a variety of skills and a massive amount of excitement and love for our community of aspiring women entrepreneurs.

4. NEW Program for First Time Employers 

Soul Seed Academy was just accepted for a grant! This grant will be funding our new program we are adding to our curriculum for interested female entrepreneurs. It’s all about guiding women through the journey of hiring their very first employee. It’s time to get you your first mate and set a pattern of sustainable growth. 

5. Our Team Members from the Philippines Are Coming to the USA!

THE TEAM IS COMING TO THE USA! In April we will be hosting our amazing team members from the Philippines and can’t wait! We’ve got an insane itinerary for their trip. Right now we have plans to visit Las Vegas, Yellowstone, and Zion’s National Park with them. If you have any suggestions for places they have to see during their trip, let us know. 

Thank you! 

At Soul Seed Academy, 2024 is all about igniting growth, fostering connections, and creating an unstoppable force of entrepreneurial brilliance. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting details on these phenomenal initiatives. Together, let’s make 2024 a year to remember!

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