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by James Clear

Can an accumulation of tiny changes produce exponential results?

In this book James Clear explores habits as the fundamental unit of behavior and some principles of behavior modification. He shows how tiny changes can produce magnificent results. Knowing who you are or desire to be and changing your habits accordingly can change your life.

Sports teams that focused on incremental improvements eventually rose to the top. Continual progression along a trajectory is more meaningful than singular goal accomplishment.

by Malcolm Gladwell​

What makes super successful people different? Is it a personality trait? Or are they just lucky?

Outliers explains that successful people bring their personality, family, generation, heritage, and experience to the table when opportunity presents itself.

This book explores “outliers”, several famous success stories, what made the software billionaires successful, why Asians good at math, what makes a great soccer player, and more.

by David J. Schwartz

The real secret to success and happiness is thinking big. Thinking positively. Saying things like “this could totally happen” and “I am completely capable of accomplishing this goal.” In this book, David J. Schwartz explains the different dimensions of thinking big and how to apply the principles in your own life. An incredible book to help you break up negative thoughts and conquer your fears.

by Brendon Burchard

This is a powerful book! Brendon Burchard goes through one of the largest surveys conducted on high performers and identifies and explains 6 habits that can help you generate the highest performance. Those habits are 1. Seek Clarity 2. Generate Energy 3. Raise Necessity 4. Increase Productivity 5. Develop Influence and 6. Demonstrate Courage. The book explains that as you develop these habits you’ll begin to build the life you have always wanted. He talks about how the world cares more about what you are contributing and what you care changing. Long-term sustainable success comes when you stop building.

by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

If you believe in educating your customer and that through that education, you can create a loyal customer for life, this book is for you!  After studying different sales representatives and their diverse tactics, researchers identified the qualities of successful sales and the representatives that make them. They call these people the challengers. Challengers take control of the conversations with potential customers. They tweak and edit their message to target the person’s needs, beliefs and objectives. It’s all about identifying the pain that needs to be resolved and explaining how the product or service is the best solution for that pain. This model is easily replicable and once you understand the basics you too can sell like the greats.


by Susan Cain

The biggest take away we had while reading this book is that the world sorely misunderstands the meaning of introvert and extrovert. Just because you are energetic does not mean that you are an extrovert. It’s more about what you do to face the world. You brain can handle heavy duty stimulus but that is not necessarily who you are. The world has programed us to believe certain things about introverts and extroverts. Understanding the difference can help us use those powers instead of shy away from them.

Give and Take

by Adam Grant

If you’ve ever felt depleted after working with someone, or felt like your contributions were not being recognized, or wanted to really do more to heal the world, this book will change your life!

Real Love

by Greg Baer

Learn the life changing difference and healing that comes when you understand the difference between conditional and unconditional love.

(SPOILER ALERT: It’s truly bit what you think!)

The Miracle Morning

by Hal Elrod

The book shares 6 simple steps that have the ability to increase productivity, improve personal growth in all areas of your life. It presents and encourages a simple routine that can have a lifelong impact on your life.

The One Thing

by Gary Keller

The book shares 6 simple steps that have the ability to increase productivity, improve personal growth in all areas of your life. It presents and encourages a simple routine that can have a lifelong impact on your life.

Books written

by Our Community Members

The Mexico Miracle

by Sheridan Ripley

The Magic of Thinking Big is a book on self-belief and confidence. It will teach you how to think and act positively towards self, others and your business. It is filled with many timeless life-changing lessons on the power of self-belief.

Other Books We Adore

I am Worthy

by Desiree Mangandog

The book takes you on a 5 week journey using specific essential oils to release shame and build a strong foundation of self-worth. It uses a step by step process that integrates Chinese Medicine, Energy Work, and essential oils to release emotional baggage, instill new patterns of worthiness, and self-acceptance.

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