Soul Seed Academy

Move the vision for your business into the real world.

Find your community, tackle the tech overwhelm, and attract more clients with ease.


We help women launch and grow their businesses.

Business doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t have to do it alone. Your heart is pulling you to do this business, and it isn’t silly or just a hobby. You don’t have to be running around like a crazy pants and neglecting your family and other interests. And all the crazy website, social media and techy stuff shouldn’t be overwhelming!

Business can be a beautiful and fun adventure.

You can create good in the world AND have time for your family.

Women are creative, powerful and are able to have multiple “pots in the fire.” You are capable of having a sustainable, profitable business that helps countless others AND builds a legacy for your family.


Soul Seed Academy

Soul Seed Academy is a full-service business launcher/incubator! If you’ve got an idea for a new business or you’re ready to grow your business without adding more stress, we’ve got you!

We believe women need business education, but more importantly, they don’t have to be alone in the business journey.

We don’t believe in just dreaming, creating hype or lecturing on business theory. We are all about DOING. And we’re all about doing it TOGETHER.


Let's meet!

Set Up a Free 1:1
Meeting with Us

We’ll get to know you and your dreams, goals, visions, blocks, fears and more. We’ll talk about your secret sauce and what makes you irresistible to your ideal customer. We’ll laugh together and scheme and plan.

This meeting is a no-pressure time for you to explore if working with us is the right fit for you.

This meeting is FREE!

Attend a Live

Online Workshop

In these 4-hour workshops you can tackle a big project for your business in record time!

✔️ Build a website (and we’ll help you come up with all the content)
✔️ Create all your social media content (and we’ll help with the graphic design)
✔️ Make a lead magnet or email sequence (and we’ll do the set-up)

Workshops are $197-397

Come to a Business 
Breakthrough Retreat!

Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a business going, join us for an incredible 2 days packed with clarity, personalized and focused action plans and beautiful community. You’ll see how your super powers and how you can build or amplify your business!

This is the fastest way to test if you have a great business idea or to get the clarity you need to take your business to the next level!

Tuition is $495 and includes gourmet meals!



Launch or grow your business!

Whether you’re getting ready to launch or have hit a wall in your growth, we can help you at EVERY PHASE in your business.


“Let’s Do This!”

I’m ready to LAUNCH my business
  • This is a full service done-with-you program! Over 14 weeks, we’ll help you build the foundation of your business. Together we’ll create:

  • Full brand guide including logo
  • Custom website built just for you
  • Beautiful intro video for your business
  • Social media content for all your channels
  • 1 Custom launch project
  • One-on-One time with our creative team
    to build more for your business!
  • Plus more!

“I Mean Business!”

I’m ready to GROW my business
  • If you want to grow past the blocks without adding more overwhelm and stress, we’re ready to scale with you!

    This program includes lots of one-on-one time with the entire team so that we can help you tackle big projects:

  • Build an intricate and full website
  • Create systems for yourself and your team that will make everything smoother and allow you to grow.
  • Build a full video series for a course or YouTube channel

Here’s what our students have to say:

I have known Sarah and Jeanne for a couple of years now, and I came to a retreat a couple of years ago. My business lived in my brain, but I wasn’t in a place to start yet. Finally, I thought that I was in a place to start my business, and my whole life fell apart all around me. Everything changed, but Sarah brought me back in. You know, all my life started to come back together. Soul Seed was there for me. They brought me back in, and encourage me to keep going, keep working on my business projects. Insurance Queens was a concept that lived only in my brain, and I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if this were a thing? Now, that’s a real possibility. Thanks to what Soul Seed has been able to accomplish for me. I’m an idealist person. I’m not as great with execution, and Soul Seed picked up where I was unable to do for myself. They were able to take my ideas and teach me how to bring that vision to life. And it’s because of them that my business even exist today.

“It’s because of Soul Seed Academy that my business even exists today!”

Kathleen, Insurance Queens

When I first went to a Soul Seed retreat and learned about them and learned what it is they could do, I was really amazed. I was super impressed. I do a lot of networking. I know how much it can cost. I know the effort it can take to do all the pieces of the puzzle that they put together. And I thought, wow, one place that will do it all. And for the price, I was blown away.

And so at first I told him no though, because I don’t have time for that. You know, this business idea is something I have in the future. But I really felt strongly I needed to get involved and I did. And I was really impressed with the way that they all worked together. It was like a well oiled machine. Honestly, I have no idea what they did in the back to take what we gave them and miraculously turn it into these amazing things that we can use to just take our businesses and launch them for the future.
I would never have been able to do this without the support and the help that came from Soul Seed.
I’m grateful that I found them. I’m grateful that I took that leap and decided to join.

And not only do I have an amazing business and things to get to help get it started, I also have new friends and an amazing new community people that I can work with and get to know and we can just all help each other.

“I would never have been able to do this without the support and the help that came from Soul Seed.”

And not only do I have an amazing business and things to get to help get it started, I also have new friends and an amazing new community people that I can work with and get to know and we can just all help each other.”


Hilary, Espero Retreat

Stacey: Soul Seed Academy helped me with everything that was super scary for me in starting my own business and gave me the support that I needed from beginning to end and beyond.

Shelly: It gave Stacy the confidence. Like she’s wanted to do this for so long and with Soul Seed’s process and the steps and the time that they give you to do the projects every week and the knowledge that they put in you.

Stacey: it made it so easy! Yeah, so much easier than what I thought it could ever be.

Shelly: Well, even the confidence, like as you’re learning it and you get more and more confident and just everything is so well put together and it’s just well planned out and they’re there. Like, once you’re done with Soul Seed, they’re not done with you. You’re still gonna get help. They’re still gonna be there. There’s just a phone call away, a text away, an email away. They’re there.

Stacey: And a community.

Shelly: It is. Yeah. Women are amazing and these women that have built Soul Seed are amazing. Like seriously, it’s crazy.

“Soul Seed Academy helped me with everything that was super scary for me and starting my own business and gave me the support that I needed from beginning to end and beyond.”

Stacey & Shelly, The Birth Place

We are Focused on Action.

It’s easy to get stuck in the trap of endlessly searching and learning on Google or YouTube. You can get caught in thinking you’re not good enough to do this business.

During our programs, we focus on moving you through those blocks to accomplish ACTUALLY BUILDING business!

We don’t just talk about it. We DO IT WITH YOU!

You're in

So many times we see business coaches, incubators or other business services try to do the work FOR their clients and almost entirely without the client’s input– either by actually doing the work or by telling the person they should do it this or that way.

We focus on keeping YOU in your strengths at all times. We show you how to keep the vision, the strategy, and the business integrity just the way you want it.

Surrounded &

From the moment you step into one of our programs, you belong to our community. We never forget your name! You’re welcomed into both online and live events for growth, connection and support!

You are part of an incredible community that has your back and supports your journey.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Teach a woman how to fish and give her the tools,
feed the community for generations to come.

This is a place for founders who are ready for...

Building Authentically.

We help put words to your intentions, promises, and philosophy to make you irresistible to your perfect customer.

Building a Business that Fits.

You will discover your superpower and how you can amplify good and make a real difference without burning out.

Real Action.

We’re not just going to pump you up and leave you dazed, confused and overwhelmed when the energy dies down. We’re going to work this WITH you!

Relevant Direction.

We have real business experience in many industries! We’ve been there.

Fair Pricing.

Our tuition doesn’t buy our CEO a fancy car or a big house. We plow your investment money back into YOU by creating beautiful and powerful business tools for your business.

No Hustle.

We don’t believe in burning the candle at both ends. We believe in creating balance in everything we do!

Saving time.

Instead of spending years experimenting and duct-taping your business together, we’ll help you quickly build solid and powerful content and procedures that will enable you to stay focused on what you do best and enjoying your perfect customers (visibility, foundation, systems)


We will not take over your business. You don’t need someone to do this for you, you need someone to do it with you.


Building a business is a wild ride. We commit to be there with you in however we can help. When you hit the emotional blocks of lack of belief or impostor syndrome, we rally around you and help you regain your footing and focus so you can keep doing what you know you’re meant to be doing.

Living a legacy!

We’re not about selling more widgets or building flashy shows. We’re about amplifying good and LIVING a legacy with our family and community.

What would your tomorrow look like if you started today?

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