Soul Seed Academy

We guide courageous and passionate women to confidently build a balanced, profitable
and meaningful business.

You've got this idea for a business that could be amazing.

You have a business but you’ve hit a ceiling. You feel stuck.

You’ve read, you’ve watched, and you’ve sought out mentors.  But it’s just not coming together like you know it could.  It all feels overwhelming because you know that you don’t know what you need to know.  You’re ready to work hard and spend money to get help, but who do you talk to?  What help do you really need?  Vetting out who can help you even feels overwhelming.

So it all boils down to feeling like maybe you don’t even have a foundation to stand on?  Yep.  Your gut is right.  It really is about foundation.  And with a strong foundation, other things just seem to fall into place.  Promise.  We’ve seen it hundreds of times.

At Soul Seed Academy, we take your belief, passion and grit and work with you step by step to build  your business your way. 

We guide courageous and innovative women to confidently build a balanced, profitable and meaningful business.

What's the secret to breaking blocks and creating amazing momentum in you business?

There are lots of factors, but we feel these 3 are some of the most powerful.


Never be Alone

You need support, collaboration and …. accomplices (we’ll explain what that means). 

In Soul Seed Academy, you are surrounded by like-minded people who support and strengthen each other.


Get Extreme Clarity

When you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing and who exactly your serving, everything is easier.

Soul Seed Academy has a proven step by step process to create extreme clarity and direction without confusion.


Stay in Your Strengths

Build with your superpowers.You should be able to build your business your way by using your super powers!  It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle to feel like you’re something you’re not.

Soul Seed Academy puts you in the director’s seat but supports you with all the stuff you may not shine in (web development, video production, social media and more!)


Hi! We're Soul Seed Academy!

Between the founders, we have 13+ active businesses and lots of years of experience (if we put the number there, we’d feel very old).  Our businesses have been in events, hospitality, film & photography, retail, art, healing, birth work, graphic/web design, and education!

Through the years we’ve noticed that the normal business world doesn’t always take us seriously.  We don’t fit the mold and sometimes our powerful specialties are even seen as cute hobbies.  It’s not ok.

We set out to build a innovative business incubator that created a way for women-owned businesses to have clarity, community, and confidence so their businesses can have maximum impact.

We don’t teach you your trade or secret sauce.  We DO help you build your entire business foundation so that you can start or powerfully scale your business!  We cure imposter syndrome of all kinds!

Banish Tech Overwhelm! build your business in a way that is balanced and profitable at the same time?

What if someone was with you every step of the way– keeping you motivated and showing you all the cool business tricks.  What if someone else did all the hard techy stuff but you stayed in complete control?  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your business created the financial and time freedom you needed to spend with your family or personal pursuits?

Build with Integrity

Build a business that aligns perfectly with who you are, who you love to serve, and the legacy you want to leave.


We help you create the clarity you need to be seen as the perfect choice for your ideal customers and clients.

Have Sustainability

We help you identify the parts of your work that fulfill you completely. And we help you build a business free from burn-out.

Follow your Direction

We provide one-on-one help with even the most frustrating problems so that you can stay focused on your desired outcome.

Banish Tech Overwhelm

We help with and streamline your business tech needs. We can help you with your website, graphic design, and social media.

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How do you know Soul Seed Academy will work for you?

Is this you?

  • It’s really important to me that I have balance between my family and business.  (And if I have kids, I want them to live this legacy with me.)
  • I’m gritty, passionate, creative, determined and driven (although sometimes I’m just tired and Netflix is all I can do).
  • I’ve hit a block/imposter syndrome/analysis paralysis that’s cramping my style.
  • I’m ready for a change and to grow. Staying where I am right now is unacceptable.
  • I have (one or more of the following)…
    – a powerful idea that I want to turn into a business
    – a new opportunity for my existing business that excites and scares me at the same time.
    – already built a business, but I want to start another one without the learning and time curve.

To join Soul Seed Academy, you only need to make 2 decisions.

  1. Decide that your business is worth it.  That you’re worth it.  That you CAN do what your heart is telling you to do. 
  2. Decide to commit that you will show up to the academy workshops and be present.

That’s it!  We’ll bring you through all the steps of starting or up-leveling your business.

You’ll be amazed at how efficient, creative, and competent you really are as we guide you through our clear and clean process.  No more motivation mind games or feeling discouraged at your lack of progress.  We’ve totally got you.

But what about...

I'm worried about how much it will cost.

If money is really the only thing holding you back from building your business, then talk to us. We have options. Our program includes many essential business services. If you were to hire outside of Soul Seed Academy the costs would be at least 3x the program cost. Lastly, evaluate what it costs you in money, time and effort to NOT grow your business right now. How much does being stuck cost you? Money is a big deal. We get it. So reach out if you want to discuss options.

I'm not sure I have
enough time.

Yep, building a business takes time. However we promise you will do the steps you need for your business in 1/10 of the time it would take you on your own. Instead of having to carve time out of your busy life, you'll have dedicated business work time where we get things done so fast! You'll leave the workshop sessions feeling so productive, accomplished, and efficient! Lastly, how much time are you spending being stuck? And what does your time look like in the future if you don't build your business. Plus, you can do the program as fast or slowly as you want to!

My Partner's not on board.

Uh huh. You're not alone. This isn't a simple fix but from what we've experienced, partners are always on board once they see the healing, growth, and fruits that are experiencing as you work with us. Imagine how having your ideal business would benefit the relationship you have with your partner and children. And as a cherry on top, we don't believe anyone deserves to be stuck in a career they hate. If your partner is in that situation, imagine building your business to the point where your partner can join you or set out on their own driven path.

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