Welcome to Soul Seed Academy!
We’re so excited you’re joining us!

You feel compelled to create and serve.
You don’t have a business to make a ton of money, but more money would be great!
Your heart desires to make the world a better place.
Your family and relationships are very important to you.
This makes you a heart-based entrepreneur!


Do you sometimes feel like:

Your expertise is seen as a hobby and you’re not paid what you are worth?
You don’t have enough clients or the right kind of clients to make this all worth your time?
Your reach and the goodness you want to share isn’t being spread far enough?
Your time and financial resources are out of balance with your goals you have for your family?
You don’t know where to get the business support you need to succeed?
You want more training and guidance but traditional training
– is expensive.
– the timing often conflicts with your family’s needs.
– is focused on full-time career women.
-doesn’t provide the support you need to run your business your way.


Learn the secrets of balancing your business/heart-call/money/family!

Find and sell to your ideal client/donor/customer and serve and connect with those who appreciate you!

Get financial freedom so you can do what you do best- your heart-call!

We are an incredible community of female heart-centered entrepreneurs and we want YOU in our circle! 

 The best of the best are at this retreat and the connections and foundation built this weekend will surely move mountains. 

Be prepared for an amazing, incredible, life-changing and yummy-filled weekend of learning, laughter and love!


What You’ll Discover:

• How to move from the triangle of authority to the circle of trust
• What is authentic love and why that matters to your customers and the success of your business
• Getting clear on your heart-call
• Holistic approaches to body and soul alignment so your work nourishes you – Burnout is a thing of the past
• How to create the finances needed to make this a reality for you.
• Step into the shoes of your ideal client and learn how to motivate them to take action and hire you.
• Learn how you are unknowingly chasing away business and how you can create a buying experience that gives your clients exactly what they want.
• Break out sessions to get supportive feedback in your business and life – Let us help you turn those obstacles into triumphs!
• Activities that strengthen our business circle as well as strengthen the bonds of support you have with those that you bring or brought you here.
• Gifts to nourish your body and soul
• And of course, gourmet nutritious meals and snacks!

The retreat is open to any woman running or desperately wanting to run a small business!  You can bring a like-minded friend!  Just share the link to register and have her put you as the referral.


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