November Newsletter

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Monthly Women's Connection Meetup (Provo)

11 AM at Taste 117 N University Ave, Provo


We had such a wonderful time this last month in Provo, Layton and Murray. The community, connections and group work has been powerful! We will be meeting in Provo and Murray during the month of December. ANY woman with a business or a dream of a business is welcome to come!

Bring your successes, any current challenges and barriers with you, or just come to mingle with women like you! We will brainstorm, discuss lessons learned, celebrate, laugh and commiserate.  If you have a friend who could use this, bring her along!



Monthly Women's Connection Meetup (Holladay)

 9:15 AM, Garden Espresso 917 Vine St. Salt Lake City



Business Breakthrough Retreat Day 1

Please invite to this month's retreat!
If you haven't come in over a year, we'd love to see you and a friend again!



Business Breakthrough Retreat Day 2

We have a huge promotion for you if 3 of your referrals attend the retreat!


November - December

Traction Project - Member offerings 

This month the Maple cohort is working on the Traction Project!  This is a project where they plan, market and launch a brand new project!  They'll be posting in the Facebook Group soon. Read their product description on the community wins section of this newsletter.  Please consider supporting them if they offer something you could use!



The next Branding Expression Foundations Basecamp 

Please have your friends attend a retreat in December to join the next cohort!


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This Month's Offer

We have a deal that can't be beat! 

 If 3 of your referrals sign up this month for the December retreat, you'll get a 100% Managed Podcast service for one year!  (Worth $5,000)  

This is no joke and will never be repeated!  

We are in the middle of the Podcast Project right now- This is your chance to launch your podcast and have someone else run the entire thing for you for 1 year!

Retreat Registration

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If you haven’t attended a retreat in over a year, we’d love to have you come back with your invitees!

Podcast Project

The Podcast Project will run for 4 weeks. At the end of the project, you will have a:

  • Podcast purpose, direction and focus
  • An episode recorded
  • Systems in place to keep the podcast running
  • Integrations with your website and social media
  • The Podcast Project includes 1 month of personal assisting to make sure your launch is big!

Even if you don't have immediate visions for how a podcast could help your business, come to at least the first class! 

A La Carte Pricing

Let's Do This & I Mean Business students: INCLUDED

Current DIY & JumpStart students:  $800

Alumni (not currently active): $1200


Last month we worked on the Traction Project! 
Check out these amazing products from the group. Let's support our sisters with their newly launched products!

Curated Tote Bags

"Sisterly curates tote bags for OBs and midwives to give to their clients in an effort to guide mothers toward quality local products and services."

Creative Ways to Grieve Through the Holidays

"I am composing an event called Creative Ways to Grieve Through the Holidays. The holiday season can be extremely difficult for bereaved parents (who have had a child die) and this will be a great opportunity for them to slow down a bit, feel heard, and create community and special family traditions for years to come."

Deck of Birth, Postpartum and Newborn Affirmation Cards

"We all know how wonderful affirmations are in those times
when we are struggling and needing those extra words of encouragement. This deck of birth, postpartum and newborn affirmation cards is a convenient way to have them with you. The best part is they are bilingual! They have beautiful affirmations in English on one side and the Spanish translation on the other. They are a great resource for parents, doulas, birth workers, and anyone working with expecting parents."

Dancing through
Pregnancy Journal

"The Dancing Through Pregnancy Journal is a wellspring of inspiration for the expecting mom. In here, you will find creative movement, writing, and art prompts designed to help you connect to your body and your baby in a holistic and enlightening way."

Beyond Fear: A Journey through the Senses

In collaboration with Meradith Fraser

"Fear always has and always will be a part of our journey. But the good news is: we can transform our relationship with it! Reframing fear and dread can actually bring clarity on our purpose and what we care about most ardently. Fear can actually be a coach, teaching us how to really come alive and show up as our best selves. Most people have not learned how to handle fear in this healthy way. That’s why we have created an evening of sisterhood just for you! You will learn a process for transforming your fear into a roadmap. Warming taste, aroma, and tactile experiences will bring you a sense of grounded tranquility."

What was your business win this month?  
Reply and let us know so we can highlight you next time!

Let's welcome our new members!  
Here's the Facebook post where we introduced everyone:

See Facebook Group Post

Soul Seed Academy is a proud trustee for Kiva.org.  Kiva is an incredible organization that offers interest-free micro business loans for entrepreneurs all over the world!  It's like Kickstarter but with no fees.  If they don't receive all the funding they need, their loan doesn't go through.  Take a look at who we're supporting this month and see if you want to give too!

Loans that change lives

This month, we're supporting:

— Philippines 


Angelita is a widow with seven children. Angelita is 46 years old and has two children who are in school. Angelita requested a $400 loan through NWTF to purchase additional baskets of fruit to sell.

Food stalls are normally businesses run by entrepreneurs who are far away from groceries and wet market. The entrepreneurs' main mission is to give convenience to the people from the neighborhood so that they won't need to travel for an hour or two just to buy fresh food.

She will use the money she'll be borrowing to buy more vegetables and fruits from local farmers. With that, she can have more stocks to sell, provide fresh food for the neighborhood and nearby residents and at the same time support the local farmers from the Philippines as well. 

— Philippines 


Lissa is a 44-year-old married woman with three children, one of whom is in school. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur. Lissa has a fish vending business in the Philippines. Lissa has been in this business for five years. She requested a $425 loan through NWTF to buy additional boxes of fish to sell. 

Her business supports both the customers and the suppliers who are local fishermen in a way that she provide fresh fish to the customers and buy those freshly caught fish from the local fishermen. Through this business, she would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family.

Let's help our girls get funded today!

Last month, we supported Anecia and
Angeles from Philippines!


Angeles is 77 years old and married with six children. She runs a rice retailer in the Philippines and requested a $325 loan through NWTF to buy additional sacks of rice to sell for her business. She used the money she'll be borrowing to buy more sacks of rice from local farmers. With that, she can have more sacks of rice to sell and at the same time support the local farmers from the Philippines as well. 


Anecia is from Dulag Leyte, Philippines who has been running a variety store for years now. A variety store is a typical business in the Philippines. She serves mostly her neighborhood and nearby residents. She decided to take this loan to buy more canned goods, beverages and toiletries to sell in her store. She can maximize her resources and  maintain the flow of the store's merchandise with the money.

All our Women Entrepreneurs we have supported:







If you support someone on Kiva, let us know and we'll link them here too!



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