Welcome to Soul Seed Academy!

Soul Seed Academy

Soul Seed Academy is a business incubator and accelerator for small women-run business.   

Are you looking to take your organization or business to the next level?  

We provide training and resources for you as the female independent entrepreneur to achieve your business dreams! 

What can you expect to gain from participating in Soul Seed Academy?

Create marketing that gets the attention of your ideal customers/clients and that’s EASY for you to create and maintain!
Hands on mentoring. You’re not doing this alone.
Support and help from women passionately building their businesses like you.
Access to resources and event space to help you grow.
Help with fundraising and money management
Create powerful alliances to fill in the spots in your business where you lack

PLUS a Powerful assembly of professionals, all bringing their skills and experience to the table that forms an informal board of advisers.  

WE are here to help YOU perfect your work/life balance!  We can show you how to build your business YOUR way.  

You belong at Soul Seed Academy because:

Your business is your heart-call!  You’re passionate, generous, and want to make life better for those around you.

You feel compelled to create and serve but are sometimes overwhelmed!

You’re not doing your business to make a ton of money, but more money would be great!   You can think of a million ways more money could help your business and those around you.  Just how to get that money is the question…

Your heart desires to make the world a better place and your business is how you contribute.

Your family and relationships are very important to you.  They come first.  Before the business and before the money.  Which sometimes makes running a business a huge challenge!  Both in time and money management.

Do you sometimes feel like:

Your expertise is seen as a hobby and you’re not paid what you are worth?

You don’t have enough clients or the right kind of clients to make this all worth your time?

Your time and financial resources are out of balance with your goals you have for your family?

You don’t know where to get the business support you need to succeed?  

You want more training and guidance but traditional training

  • is expensive.
  • the timing often conflicts with your family’s needs.
  • is focused on full-time career women.
  • doesn’t provide the support you need to run your business your way.

SOUL SEED ACADEMY is perfect for you!

Learn the secrets of balancing your business/heart-call/money/family!
Learn how to better find and sell to your ideal client and serve those who appreciate you!
Get financial freedom so you can spend your time doing what you love!
We are an incredible community of female heart-centered entrepreneurs and we want YOU in our circle!

Just as a baby tree needs fertile soil to grow,
so does your beautiful heart-call business.

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